LEGIT Cashback Research Review: Answer Surveys and Read Emails for Cash! - Legit or Scam?


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Jun 13, 2018
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Today, I’ll be covering Cashback Research, one of the many survey sites on the interwebs. Since there are so many survey sites out there, one really needs to separate the legit ones from the scams.

So here’s my Cashback Research review. Is Cashback Research legit? Read on to find out!

Cashback Research: First Impressions

“You won’t get rich, but you will get paid!” That line is one of the first things that’ll greet you when you visit Cashback Research’s website. I actually think under-promising us a good thing. See, I’ve encountered quite a few scam sites, and one of the common red flags is the fact that they try to promise that you’ll get rich answering surveys. This is ridiculous, of course. At best, answering surveys is good for some extra pocket money. Legit survey sites won’t over-promise. So right off the bat, that’s a good sign.

The site looks pretty plain, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing. There is extensive info on how the site works and how you can earn. There is also a thorough FAQ section, which I consider to be a requirement for any self-respecting survey site.

Navigation of the site is a bit tricky, though. You won’t find any links to the FAQ or other information on the homepage. You’ll have to click on the Member Login link, which takes you to an inner page where all those links are.

My Hot Take: I appreciate the fact that they don’t make any offers that are too good to be true. The site provides ample information, and the site looks fairly professional. Overall, a pretty positive first impression.

How to Earn on Cashback Research

There are several ways to earn on the site. They are:

Answering Surveys - This is the main way to earn money on Cashback Research. After registering (which I’ll be tackling in a bit), you will receive notifications via email whenever a survey that fits your demographic becomes available.

These surveys are available in-house (via their survey wall) or through other, third-party, sites (via their survey router). You can earn bonuses by completing surveys via the survey router, but be warned, Cashback Research doesn’t always accurately show how many surveys you’ve completed.

Reading Emails - This is pretty self-explanatory. Via their “Click Program”, the site sends you promoted emails, which you need to click and read.

Clinical Trials - Interestingly enough, they also offer opportunities for you to subject yourself to clinical trials to earn money. They don’t do the testing, of course. (Or at least I hope they don’t!) They simply refer you to labs across the country.

I know clinical trials are usually pretty safe, and pay really well. That said, I’m not sure I would trust a site that specializes in surveys and paid emails to connect me to testing labs. But this is up to you.

My Hot Take: This is pretty interesting. I like fact that the site has multiple ways to earn. I would stay clear of the medical trials, though.

Earning Potential on Cashback Research

The site uses a progressive payment method. The more surveys you complete, the more you will earn. As you complete surveys, you will earn badges, from bronze up to platinum. Earnings for each level are as follows:

Bronze badge: Every new member starts off with a bronze badge and will earn $0.50 for each completed daily survey.

Silver Badge: You can move up to a silver badge if you register with 10 or more of the survey panels listed on your dashboard. You will also earn a $0.05 bonus for each daily survey ($0.55 each completed) and bonus cash offer.

Gold Badge: You can move up to Gold badge if you join 15 survey panels OR achieve 5 payouts A Payout is achieved when you earn $30 and request the payout through PayPal or by gift card. You will earn a $0.10 bonus for each daily survey or bonus cash offer.

Platinum Badge: Our members who stick with our site the longest can move up to Platinum badge status. You must achieve 10 payouts and will earn a bonus of $0.15 for each completed daily survey or bonus cash offer.
Reading emails, on the other hand, pays $0.02 for each one you open.


You can also earn $0.05 when you log in for the first time on any given day.

You will also earn $0.25 for each profile surveys you complete. These are 10 surveys that are assigned to you right after you register. So that’s $2.50 right away.These surveys cover Interests, Work from home, Education, Auto, Home, Personal Finance, Travel, Shopping, Technology, and Health, and are meant to determine your demographic.

My Hot Take: I like the different bonuses you can get, and how leveling up opens up greater earning potential. Pretty awesome!

Payout Options on Cashback Research

Once you’ve accumulated at least $30 in earnings, you can redeem your earnings, either as cash (via PayPal) or a variety of gift cards.

That minimum withdrawal is really high - it could take you ages to reach that amount. But it gets worse: they have a 30 day processing period! Not only will it take you a long time to earn, it’ll also take a long time for you to actually receive your earnings!

My Hot Take: Pretty disappointing. I think the minimum withdrawal amount and long processing period really diminish the awesomeness of this site.

How to Join Cashback Research

Membership is free, which is a good sign. Scam sites usually request an upfront “processing” payment from you before disappearing. The sign-up form of Cashback Research is built right into their homepage. Link below. Ka-chow:

Cashback Research Homepage: https://cashbackresearch.com

The Verdict: Legit or Scam?

Cashback Research is legit. They’ve got great ways to earn, and earning potential is alright. But the payment processing system leaves much to be desired.

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Your Turn

So that’s my review of Cashback Research. Now it’s your turn to share! Have you tried earning on this site?

Let’s hear your stories!



Sep 28, 2018
Hi Guys here are my thoughts about the cashback research review you just posted. It's among the providers that I use personally as well when I want to get some beermoney.

One of my favourite things about them is the Survey Dashboard. It's extremely easy to find some great surveys to fill out and if you're like me from the United States of America then there are plenty to chose from.

Another thing I loved was the free $5 bonus just for signing up and that they're honest about the earning opportunities. Everybody that ever did some of those surveys online knows that its not a get rich quick scheme. Its just a good way to add some extra $ to your income. In my opinion they are 100% legit and not a scam.

You will get paid and I received a couple of payments myself already.

The cashback research payout is available as Paypal and Gift Cards and I usually just do the paypal one since I'm using it quite a lot. The only small problem I had with them is that the payouts take about two weeks to process. I prefer to get paid faster but in the end it arrived without any problems so I guess thats fine.

All in all my personal verdict is that they are legit and you won't have to worry about getting paid. You never know if they change in the future I had it with a few providers that they just gotten worse and worse but so far I can't complain at all. So if you want to get started simply create your login, cash in your $5 bonus for signing up and get started.
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Oct 4, 2018
I've been using this website for a couple of months now, it's not perfect, but I can say that I'm satisfied. I discovered this website from a third-party company that offered me some money if I register and take a survey to this website. I gave it a try, took some surveys, and etc. and I started to like it. I continued using this website cause it's fun, very easy to use, and of course, I make money. Though sometimes it's hard to get qualified for surveys and I know it's because of the demographics or ain't the one the survey providers are looking for, but it's fine cause all GTP sites I've used in the past is doing this as well. The minimum cash out via PayPal is $30 (which is a bit high in my opinion). How much you make totally depends on your effort, this website isn't for lazy people.
Their customer service is good. They're helpful and knowledgeable. They are giving me enough information whenever I have some questions about some stuff on their website.

I totally recommend this website. 100% legit (y)


Oct 26, 2018
My name is Steven, and I'm a member of this website. This website is legit. My friends recommended me this excellent website, and I didn't regret since then.

I found this website very easy to understand and participate in, plus the money adds up quickly.

Cashback Research is the easiest GTP site to earn some real money. I've been a member of several survey sites, and I can say that this is the best one so far.

I already cashed out more than 10 times. Just by taking surveys and completing some tasks, I already made $120. The only issue I have is regarding their minimum payout. I would love it if they decrease the minimum payout to at least $5.

I'll rate this website 9/10. Will continue to work with this website! To those people who are having second thoughts to try this website, all I can say is, you won't really know if this is legit or not unless you try :)


Nov 11, 2018
Here's my experience with Cashback Research. My friends recommended me this site 9 months ago, and I didn't regret a minute.

Earning from this website is easy. They give fair points for every task such us taking surveys and reading emails. Everyone can really make some good money from here.

I already made more than $250 in just 9 months. This isn't big, but you should know that I'm only working with this website for only 1-2 hours per day. It's very reasonable.

The payment is sent via PayPal. The bad things are it could take up to 15 days for payment to come plus the minimum amount is $20. This is high compared to some survey sites.

However, since they always pay me, it's safe to say that they're legit.


Dec 9, 2018
Cashback Research is one of the places to go to earn some money online. Cashback research is a good survey site. They always seem to have a high paying survey and lots of option to redeem a reward.
Besides easy money, the customer service is what really appeals to me, for when I have questions or concerns, I just send a ticket to them and rest assured that it will be addressed.
Also, you have to sign up with other sites as part of tasks, but I don't mind at all. And like any other survey site, you won't get rich here but they are a reliable site, and they really pay.


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May 16, 2018
Earning on Cashback Research doesn’t take too much effort. It’s simple, easy, and fun to do (always the most important thing). I really like the so-called “progressive payment method.” That’s a good spin on the usual rewards site program.

Since I need to give you an honest assessment of Cashback Research, it’s also worth noting that their payment processing takes way, way too long. Over two weeks just to get your earnings? Compare that to some sites that give you your earnings in as little as 48 hours. There are even sites that offer instant payouts! So Cashback Research’s payment processing time seems unwieldy.

I’m not being whiny about that payment processing time. See, when it takes over 2 weeks to get your earnings, it becomes hard to schedule how you intend to spend that money. For example, let’s say you need money for groceries this weekend. But you know your earnings on Cashback Research can take up to 15 days. Instead of being assured that you can use your earnings to get groceries, you’re forced to use alternate methods to pay for your shopping. But I guess that wait is okay for people who like to use their earnings for savings, so manage your expectations accordingly.


Jun 14, 2018
Cashback Research is alright. By that, I mean it’s not in my top ten list of ways to earn online - maybe not even in the top 20. In fairness to the site, it does right away warn users like us that we won’t get rich from it, but there’s a cocky guarantee of getting paid for doing surveys. So like the sucker that I am, I fell for it because I thought they were being honest.

So here’s my experience with Cashback Research thus far. I got roped in by the promise of earning 5 cents a day just for logging in (for the first time you log each day). I figured, better than nothing, right? There was also the promise of getting $5 just for registering with them, so yay.

I immediately noticed that somewhat steep minimum cashout of $30 via PayPal. I figured, with the bonus money I got for signing up, plus a couple of surveys and maybe a bit of luck with the Bingo Cafe and Mega Casino features, I can maybe start working towards the cashout amount in a month and a half. Boy, was I wrong. I completed some surveys that I made dang sure to complete, but they weren’t credited in my dashboard for some reason. And after a string of completed surveys, I noticed that it got harder and harder to even qualify for new ones.

So nope, I haven’t cashed out yet at Cashback Research. But for some reason, and due to the good feedback some of you have left on this thread about them, I’ve decided to stick it out with them. Maybe I’ll log in for the sake of getting some loose change in my account, and see if my luck has turned for the better with their surveys.
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Mar 14, 2019
My experience with cashback research is good so far. It is hard to qualify for surveys sometimes, but it's okay cause I know it's because of my demographics, not what they are looking for, etcetera.
I was a member of some get-paid-to sites before I joined cashback research, but I can't make enough money there. I often don't qualify for any clinical trials, so no money to be made there either.
I cashed out my first payment almost three weeks ago and have yet to see a Paypal payment. It says within 30 days but who knows. I hope they pay me so I can continue working with their site.