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Bronze Wordsmith
May 17, 2018
Everyone can use some extra money, right? To help you make some added income, here’s a list of ideas to help you find ways to make money online. Why online? Because working online gives us a lot of flexibility. Usually, these money-making methods are pretty flexible schedule-wise. This gives you the opportunity to juggle multiple gigs, which maximizes your earning potential. I’ve been finding work online for quite some time now – all the items here are totally legit, and totally awesome.

Now, onto the list!

Deliver Groceries For Other People

Most of the best ways to make money online involve little to no human interaction. That’s good for those times when I’m not feeling very sociable, but I do appreciate human contact, for the most part. Delivering groceries for other people is a great middle ground.

With apps like Instacart, WeGoShop, and Shipt, you work as a private grocery shopper. You receive a booking containing a client’s shopping list. You then go to a specific grocery and pick out the items on the list. The difference between this and other delivery services is that you’ll have to personally pick out the items. Let’s say the shopping list contains carrots. You will go to the produce aisle and pick out the best carrots for the client.

It’s a fun, enjoyable gig, and I always enjoyed the reaction of my clients when I bring their fresh groceries.

Rent Out Your Home On Airbnb

My kid brother recently gave his two-bedroom apartment a much-needed make-over. It’s pretty sweet now, but it looked pretty trashy before he decided to improve his living situation. Full disclosure: his main motivation for fixing up was because he wanted to earn money by renting out his place on Airbnb. Before the make-over, his place looked like a dump, and he couldn’t let anyone stay in it in good conscience.

Airbnb is a real way to make money from home… but you’re actually making money on your home. And it’s pretty sweet. Since kid bro is usually out on trips, his place is usually vacant (which is why it got so messed up in the first place), so renting it out through Airbnb is a great way to make his place earn money while he's out.

Interested? Check out Airbnb here.

Rent Out Your Garage Or Driveway

If you feel squeamish letting strangers stay in your house, renting out your garage or driveway is a better option. Why would people want to rent just your garage or driveway? Simple: easy parking. If you live near a business area, it might actually be cheaper for someone to drive to your place, park, then take a cab or train to their office.

Of course, this means you’ll have to work out the schedule with your tenant, otherwise, you might be the one left without a parking space! Here are a few legit sites for you to check out:

Parking Cupid

Drive For Lyft

I used to drive for Lyft (I rented out my driveway while I was out doing trips), and it was a pretty cool experience overall. I met a lot of interesting people and even made some sweet business contacts. For realz – quit playing golf and try driving for Lyft instead. You’ll expand your network faster.

But Lyft was also one of the best ways to make money. I made around $17 an hour. Not enough to retire in the Bahamas on, but pretty good for what was a part-time gig.

Wanna give ride-sharing a try? Check out Lyft here.

Sell Your Old Junk

If you’re like me, you probably have mountains of old stuff dating back to when you were a kid. Toys, CDs, DVDs, books I promised to read – my house used to be full of this stuff. I decided to get rid of them when I did my house makeover. Getting rid of the clutter made my house more attractive to potential Airbnb renters, plus I managed to make some sweet cash in the process! Below are my recommended place for selling specific items:

I thought I’d be bummed to get rid of my old discs (I had grown attached to my Die Hard collection – yes, even A Good Day To Die Hard), but it actually felt good to sell them off. I made decent money off of them, and having less clutter also lowered my stress levels.

If you wanna sell your CDs and DVDs, you can try Decluttr. They also buy gadgets, so if you’re doing extreme decluttering, you can unload old gadgets there. They pay around $0.45 to $0.64 per disk, and they’re probably the fastest when it comes to paying you.

If you’ve got collectible CDs and DVDs, you should try Bonavendi. You can get a better price there because they offer better prices for collectible stuff (sadly, they didn’t consider my Canadian DVD of Live Free or Die Hard to be rare).


I had a pretty kickass library at home… although calling it a “library” is probably too generous a term. I love reading but had absolutely no organizing skills whatsoever. I had boxes full of old science fiction and mystery books. Most of these, I already had on my Kindle, so I went ahead and sold them.

Since selling them individually would have been a nightmare, I decided to sell on BookMonster. They pay around $0.50 to $0.70 per item, and I managed to unload a large chunk of my collection with minimal hassle and effort.


Trust me, you do not want to buy my old clothes… and that’s why I never went so far as to sell them. But my brother (who’s a swankier dresser than me) regularly empties his closet to make way for newer clothes. He mentioned that I should include Poshmark in this article. Poshmark is a pretty awesome site for selling old or vintage clothes – but they need to be stylish or interesting clothes. If you got any nice clothes to sell, do it on Poshmark!

And who knows – you might even want to make selling clothes a regular gig. Selling vintage clothes is one of the coolest ways to make money at home.

Answer Surveys

I’ve been earning some pretty sweet money on GrabPoints, and they deserve a spot on this list. On GrabPoints , you answer a bunch of surveys. And for each on you complete, they give you points. They also give you points for watching videos, installing apps, and taking various sample offers (usually free subscriptions or trial memberships). But answering surveys is the most common money-earning method on GrabPoints.

The awesome thing about GrabPoints is that they’re the highest-paying survey site on the planet. Plus they pay pretty quickly. After making a payout request I usually got my earnings within 48 hours. It’s perfect for those times when I get strapped for cash.

Answering surveys is one of the best ways to make money from home because you can answer them in between other tasks.

Do “Whatever” Jobs

As online freelancers, we can’t be too picky about jobs. If something comes up, and it looks legit and doable, we go ahead and do it! I call these “whatever” jobs since they’re not constrained to a specific type of work. One moment I’ll be tagging photos, the next I’ll be doing some mystery shopping.

I usually find random jobs on UpWork and PeoplePerHour. I like those sites because the jobs are always legit, and I have yet to have a bad experience with a flaky client. Amazon also has Mechanical Turk, which is dedicated to odd jobs.

But on Mechanical Turk, you can help machines and computers learn. It sounds fancy, but all you’re doing is tagging photos so a computer can learn how to do it. Still, it’s these jobs are easy ways to make money online.

Upload Online Lessons On Udemy

I’m not an academic, but if you are, you should look into producing lessons on Udemy. When you get approved you can upload lessons, and you get paid each time a student buys it. The cool thing about Udemy is that you don’t need to give lessons in person. That frees up your schedule greatly.

One thing you need to think about though is production values. You need to invest in camera and lighting gear, and have a great place to shoot your lessons. But if you need to put in the time and effort for this, it could pay off well for you.

That’s All For Now!

I hope you found this list useful and found a few ways to make extra money. When times get tough, go back to this list. Even if you don’t find all items doable, this list should serve as good inspiration for you to find creative ways to make money.

These are just my ideas, of course. I’d also like to hear your own! Have you found great ways to make money online? Go ahead and share them!
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