Attention New Moms! Here's How to Get Free (Or Discounted) Baby Items!


Jun 14, 2018
Attention New Moms! Here's How to Get Free (Or Discounted) Baby Items!.jpg

Ahem. Now that I have your attention (whether you’re a new mom, or a pregnant lady, or even a dude), I would first like to say how I wish that I knew this back when I myself was a new mom (three times over). First off, baby things are expensive and have gotten progressively so. If not for hand-me-downs, I think my husband and I would’ve gone bankrupt by the time our second baby arrived! Secondly, I think this is particularly helpful for new WAHMs who may have decided to start doing home-based jobs because they are expecting a new baby. I can attest to the kind of security and serenity that being surrounded by familiar things and people you love can do to a pregnancy, in stark contrast to commuting to and from work and being surrounded by loud and inconsiderate office mates.

With that out of the way, this post will hopefully serve as a guide to where and how you can score free or discounted baby items such as diapers, formula, and accessories. Enjoy!

Where to get diapers for free (or for cheap!)

It still boggles my mind how much diapers our kids went through, from infanthood to toddlerhood! It’s like we were always running out of them and always having to rush out to buy more before stinky little accidents occur and we would have to air the entire house out!

Today, there are so many retailers and companies willing to give out free or discounted baby diapers in exchange for membership, loyalty rewards programs, and your undying patronage. Below are just some of them.
  • Aeroflow Diaper Club - signing up means getting the first month’s supply of diapers for only $24 (as opposed to the usual $32) for 4 packs of Cuties diapers! You can cancel your subscription anytime.
  • EveryDayFamily - new members to the site are automatically entered to win sweepstakes for free diapers for a full year!
  • Huggies - their rewards program allows you to earn points by taking surveys (sounds familiar?) and redeem them for awesome prizes - including diapers!
  • Pampers - registering means entering into their loyalty program right away, and earning points to redeem baby necessities like diapers.
  • The Honest Company - you can go for the trial subscription with them and instantly get a diaper kit for free before opting for a full subscription. Again, you can cancel anytime.
  • The National Baby Diaper Bank - though not a retail company, I thought of adding this to the list because, hey, we sometimes need help and this is a good place as any to ask for it. There are resources here to find a diaper bank, as well as becoming a member and paying it forward to moms in need.
Where to get baby formula for free

Ah, yes. Baby formula. That miraculous yet frustrating food for babies that you can never, ever, EVER run out of if you don’t want your entire day to be filled with screams and tantrums. Thankfully, baby formula can also be had for free (as samples, usually) or at a discounted rate to help with the family budget. What do you need to do in exchange for them? Simple! Sign up for loyalty programs or membership for newsletters, etc! Anything for baby, right?
  • Enfamil - by joining their Enfamil Family Beginnings program, you can get up to $400 worth of gifts as well as receive free samples.
  • Nature’s One - signing up with their program allows you to get free samples of (full-sized) formula, and only pay for the shipping!
  • Nestle Baby Program - by joining their Baby Club, you get a free welcome kit, up to $130 in coupons and samples, and expert advice from pregnancy to toddlerhood!
  • Similac - signing up as a member not only gives you $400+ in exclusive benefits, but also baby formula coupons and Similac samples!
Where to get baby toiletries for free

Newborn babies smell so sweet and clean and nice that new mommies would give anything to keep them that way forever. The sad reality, though, is that between pooping and peeing and throwing up, babies can stink like anything! So it’s a blessed, blessed thing to have companies and retailers give away baby toiletries samples, usually as part of a “welcome to the world” box sampler, either for free or for discounts to members - I really don’t mind how they present it, as long as it’s free!
The verdict?

Because I love freebies and I love babies, I would say these offers for free or discounted baby stuff are legit! Of course, it comes at a “price”, which is signing up for memberships or loyalty rewards programs, but those are par for the course if getting awesome infant accessories and needs is your bottom line. I know it’s mine!

Your turn!

Have you ever signed up for a retailer membership or loyalty program to get freebies for your babies? Please share your experiences with us below!
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Reactions: Janine F Warren

Janine F Warren

Sep 21, 2018
Oh my! thank you sooo much for this list of how to get free or discounted baby items! I’m a newish single mom so every little bit of savings will go a long way for me and my son. I really need diapers and as you said i always seem to be running out of them even if i think i’ve stocked up enough of them for at least a couple of weeks lol! Babies just seem to have a way of going through them right? So these diaper companies that offer them for free or at a lower price are definately heaven sent.

I’m already signed up with the pampers diapers loyalty program and i simply love it! The program makes it easy for me to just keep earning points for every pampers product i buy and boy do i buy a lot of them. There is a code in each product wich is where the points are based on. The points are different with every product but the rewards are sweet they have tons of them if you want like toys for your kid or gift cards for baby stuff but i usually just use them for discounted pampers diapers because thats what i really really need at the moment.

Pampers also has a kind of gpt program in there website wich is another great way for me to earn more points to redeem. Its kind of like other gpt sites where you can watch videos or read articles or leave a short review and it usually give you 10 points per task wich is just great because before you know it you have enough to get rewards!

Thank you for this nice post i will now try the other ones on your list even though i’m so far liking what Pampers is offering!