As Time Goes By

Jun 6, 2018
Indianapolis, IN. USA
You will find yourself adopting a new survey site from time to time that you have been introduced to that sounds like they may fit your needs. BUT you will soon discover as you gain knowledge and experience in the industry that you have become more selective of your choices. This is a good thing.

People do not seem realize that conducting marketing research studies, otherwise simply referred to as Surveys is a very serious business. In fact many have come to find out that becoming a Professional Survey Taker can lead to much more as far as a respectable profession being able to earn substantial amounts of income.

28% of Americans take market research surveys or test products to earn extra money every month. And that percentage is expected to rise.

Survey's have been around for many years and are not going anywhere. The Harrisburgh Pennsylvanian newspaper in 1824 is acknowledged by some to be the first one. That is if you mean Public Opinion Polls.

Once you become established in the market research community as being a avid, serious, professional survey taker you will be offered access to focus groups. Focus groups can range in payment to anywhere from $50 to $250 or more depending on the company conducting the study and the length of time that has been established for the study. The focus group can be small or a large group of people participating in the study.

The focus group could be online, over the telephone or in some cases in person. Everyone is given a physical address to meet at to conduct the study.

Then if you decide to expand your home business into mystery shopping and retail merchandising, your income will really take off! One year with my mystery shopping and retail merchandising I earned $11,000 working part time in addition to what I earned conducting surveys and product testing! It was crazy!!