QUESTION Anyone making a living from rewards sites through referrals or other methods?


Bronze Wordsmith
Apr 16, 2018
When I browse other forums or reddit, I see a lot of people posting their referral links and they seem to be in every thread or discussion and it made me think if you or someone you know are making enough money from referrals to make a living from it. Let's say you get 1000 referrals each making $1 daily that would net you $35k+ a year. Now I doubt just posting in forums would ever get you this amount but it might be a start, but I would expect maybe some blogs pull these numbers.

So people anyone, if so please stand up and share your experience, the ETB community would love to hear your story and learn.


Rookie Wordsmith
Jun 14, 2018
I've never had many referrals apart from rented referrals on Neobux which turned out to be a huge mistake as most of them stop clicking after a while. I only know one person who would be able to tell you as he does have many referrals. His name is @Old buddy but I'm not sure if he is here.

In my experience the one big problem with direct referrals is they often need to stay active or at least post a certain amount of quality content to make money for the person they signed up under. I have had a few direct referrals on various sites but none of them made me any money because they didn't stay.


Bronze Wordsmith
Jul 28, 2018
I got 2 referrals. I don't know if you can make a living with it. I think it's about being lucky if you get one.