LEGIT Adult.xyz Reviews - SCAM or LEGIT?


Apr 23, 2018
Adult.xyz is a URL shortener that rewards the publishers of the shortened links by offering 50% of the advertising revenue
They categorized their members into two: Publishers and Advertisers; but for this review, we'll talk about the publishing side of course.

How Much Do You Earn:

I've included some sample payout rates below.

Unique = average amount paid for 1000 visitors in the 24-hour period.
Raw = average amount paid on the 1st advert view for 1000 link views in the 24-hour period.

Highest: $18.05

Desktop CPM
Unique: $3.67
Raw: $2.39

Mobile CPM
Unique: $3.32
Raw: $2.19

Highest: $7.51

Desktop CPM
Unique: $2.39
Raw: $1.41

Mobile CPM
Unique: $1.96
Raw: $1.37

United Kingdom
Highest: $13.42

Desktop CPM
Unique: $3.15
Raw: $1.92

Mobile CPM
Unique: $2.83
Raw: $1.88

Highest: $13.08

Desktop CPM
Unique: $2.30
Raw: $1.40

Mobile CPM
Unique: $2.40
Raw: $1.63

For the full list of their payout rates, check the link here: http://adult.xyz/rates

Payment Methods:
Payments are arranged automatically on the 1st of each month, provided you have reached the minimum withdrawal amount.
  • Paypal - Minimum withdrawal at $5.
  • Payza - Minimum withdrawal at $5.
  • Payoneer - Minimum withdrawal at $10.

General Information:
  • Free to use
  • 100% legal adult content friendly, no more risk of getting banned
  • Adult.xyz shows full-page ads for 5 seconds before the user can view a Skip button. Clicking the "skip" button redirects the users to their actual link/website.
  • Adult.xyz is open for both Publishers & Advertisers.
  • They have (3) three ad formats: Interstitial, Banner and Pops Ads.
  • They have (3) three payment methods, and the minimum payout is at $5.
  • They also have a referral program that pays you 20% of all of your referral's earnings.


Well, as the URL of the website suggests, it is apparently for adult content - and most of the URL Shorteners prohibit adult content/adult material links on their services. This website is intended for users that haven't found a place to promote their adult links. It could be instrumental in adult/adult material forums. You can also get creative and use the links in the description of the uploaded video on adult sites.

Can you share with us your experience with Adult.xyz? Any payment proof/s? Please provide your thoughts below. Cheers!

Ref link: https://adult.xyz/?id=19481380