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A good cell phone brand

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So over the years I have bought over 15 different brands and models off cell phones. 6 started off with a basic smart phone, it was a Acatel touch. It only came with 2GB if RAM and 1 GB ROM. Which I soon discover that the phone didn't meet my needs as far as being able download more than 5-7 apps for the play store on to your phones available memory. I would always get a low storage notification, and then would have to ckear all the cashe, mad either save my photos and movies onto a SDcard, or earse them from my device. Eventually with a little bit of research I traded in for a different brand of phone with a model that came with more available RAM storage. So I chose a ZTE phone that with 4GB RAM. And that too was not enough available memory. Months later and there different phones, I learned that the best fit phone for my lifestyle is a LG or Samsung brand phone with af least 16 GB of RAM was monitory. So what did all that information teach me, 1.) Don't by a new phone once a new model comes out, if you wait a bit after it gets released you can find a great deal online.


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Why not just buy an iPhone. Like an older model say 6 or 6s it would probably cheaper anyway or if not then a refurbished one.

I have very bad experience with LG as a phone maker through their nexus program. Horrible build quality. Alcatel I wouldn’t touch even if you threw it at me.


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Models like the S8 and S8+ still hold a pricey tag even though the S9 was released March 11 2018 so not everything goes down which is a drag because I like the S8+.

I still have a J7 2016 that serves me well. However I am looking for something in the moto z family like the Moto Z 3, Which sits right at my price range for a phone sort of.

The LG - V40 ThinQ was a big possibility but I can't see myself paying $949.99 for a phone not right now since my apt rent went up 200.00 8-(. Once I see a unlocked Moto Z3 get below 425.00 US I will bounce on it and be happy for at least another 3-5 years...
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