7 Fun Ways To Make Money With What You Have


Bronze Wordsmith
Apr 16, 2018

We always wanted extra pocket money when we were kids so we could treat ourselves to candy after school, or have something to spend when the ice cream truck comes around. Now that we’re adults, we can no longer sell Girl Scout cookies door to door, or even create macaroni jewelry for our pop-up shops on the front yard.

Fortunately, money-making ventures can be practical but still recall the same kind of creativity and fun we had when we were young. If you find yourself with free time on your hands and an adventurous spirit, consider these smart but enjoyable ways to make money with your available resources.

Test a website

If you have a Paypal account, a reliable Internet connection, and lots of free time, then website-testing might just be your next money-making move while staying at home. Sites like Userlytics allow registered user testers to join a global community to review web or mobile apps, and pays them up to $90 for it! WhatUsersDo hires testers to provide feedback on websites and to help improve user experience, and pays them every 25th of each month.

Be a product guinea pig

Product testers have been around for a long time now; they’ve just remained faceless and nameless in a niche industry. With the advent of bloggers and influencers, however, product testing has practically become a whole new lifestyle. Today, people actually get paid to try free stuff and review them! From food to makeup, through to gadgets and hotels, more and more consumers are relying on someone relatable to give these products and services a spin. That someone could be a video blogger, an Instagram influencer, or it could be you!

If you’re ready to receive cash, redeemable points, or gift cards for just being online, Swagbucks offers them in exchange for answering surveys, playing games, shopping online, checking out free samples, and even watching videos. Becoming a member on SheSpeaks also empowers female consumers to choose and recommend products they have tried and tested, and discuss relevant topics with each other.

Spill the beans on that secret recipe

People are now paying attention to more recipes and kitchen tips, thanks to sites and social media pages that make them more interesting to follow. If you’re willing to share it, your grandma’s specialty could become someone else’s new favorite meal, and you can make some money for sharing it, as well.

Here are a couple of online cooking magazines for recipe submissions: CuisineAtHome offers up to $100 for unique cooking tips and kitchen solutions they are willing to publish. Meanwhile, TasteOfHome conducts regular recipe contests with cash prizes for the winners.

Cash in on your smartphone pics

Foap is available on both the App Store and Play Market. It’s quickly becoming a favorite of professional and amateur photographers everywhere. This app lets registered users upload and sell the images they’ve taken with their smartphones. You can caption your photos accordingly, making sure that the tags will best describe your pictures and attract interested buyers.

Foap has also partnered with photo platforms like ShutterStock so there’s a chance your smartphone picture can get selected by the content team and purchased by these platforms (should you choose it).

Share your area of expertise

If there is a profession, hobby, or a passion project you’ve had for quite some time that you’re considered an expert on it, why not share it with others and get paid while you’re at it? Helpful sites like FlexJobs let users find the best jobs that will match their interest and level of expertise. If you’re thinking of becoming a home-based, remote ESL tutor, EnglishHuntUSA is currently seeking distance educators to join their team.

Rent out that extra parking space

Parking space has become prime real estate everywhere. If you find yourself with a parking space you’re not using, consider renting it out via Parklee. It lets driveway and garage owners list their available parking spaces, add a photo and description of it, have users reserve and pay for it, and basically make parking a walk in the...park.

Make new friends (and get paid for it!)

This should come easy for you if you’re an outgoing and friendly person to begin with. People are now paying other people to become their buddy or date for a day! While you might argue that matchmaking apps aren’t exactly new, sites like RentAFriend boasts over 600,000 “friends for rent” in case you need one soon. The main difference between sites like these and dating apps is it’s strictly a platonic relationship you’re paying for.

So if you’re new to a place and want a friendly and trustworthy local tour guide, or need a quick “plus one” to an event you don’t want to attend alone, or simply want a buddy to talk to and have coffee with, try renting a buddy (or even being one!). These sites have user-friendly search pages so you can pick out your new friend for the activity you have in mind. Registered “Friends” services usually cost around $10 an hour, with some room for negotiation.

The verdict?

Most of these tips are practical and enjoyable, and don’t require additional expenses, unlike most business ventures. The ones that rely on available tools and resources you already have are the best ones to try, but it’s always good to practice caution in any dealings and to read the fine print before agreeing to something.

Your turn!

Do you have new and exciting ways to make money from home during your idle time? Do tell us, I’d love to hear all about them!


May 24, 2018
I can't say as if I would do most of those things. Rent a Friend sounds cool. Testing a Website seems profitable as well.