33 Ways to Get Paid to Do Homework


Jun 14, 2018
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As a kid, didn’t you often wish that you could pay someone to do your homework? I know I did! Of course, I also wanted to have the kind of money to be able to pay someone to do my assignments while I slacked off, heh.

Now that I’m older, I realized that I can do both - that is, help someone else out with their homework (since I’ve graduated from all that) and get paid for it, too! I also belatedly realized that slacking off has no part in the entire scenario.

Today I will share with you the different ways you can get paid to do homework. Now, some of you might wonder if this is an unethical practice. I’m here to reassure you that I’m not going to convince you to do something against your beliefs. In fact, the platforms and methods I will be sharing are more along the lines of tutoring and helping students with research. So, no worries, you’re not going to be teaching other people to be lazy and rely on others to do their work for them in exchange for money!

If you think this might be something you’re up for in terms of a new source of home-based income (and maybe even a full-blown career), feel free to read on and look up the resources I listed below.

Become an online tutor

This is perhaps the best platform for students who need help with certain subjects or to review for upcoming examinations. Even students preparing to review for college entrance exams can get help from professionals! There are many online tutorial sites out there, with different prerequisites and rates, so it’s just a simple matter of matching them up your experience and level of expertise.
  • Cambly - one of the first things I noticed about this site is the line that goes “no experience necessary”, so even newbie tutors are welcome. Cambly pays $0.17 USD per minute (or over $10 an hour), and allows you to log online anytime you want, for as long or as short as you feel like taking calls!
  • Chegg - this site promises to pay as much as $20 an hour (tutors get paid on a weekly basis)! Chegg is all about providing students 24/7 study help, and are always on the lookout for tutors for a wide array of subjects and topics.
  • Enroll - Enroll calls itself “the most technologically advanced tutoring platform in existence.” Payment depends on the subject, performance (sessions are recorded for feedback), and credentials or history.
  • Growing Stars - promising to help students improve grades by providing the same tutor every time (thus, the tutor already knows the student’s strengths and weaknesses and will know how to focus on them), potential Growing Stars tutors must first complete a registration form and be proficient in the subject of their choice. Tutors are needed for K-12 up to college-age students, as well as specialized subjects.
  • Kaplan Test - KapTest simply wants students to get great test scores, and currently holds online classes for students across the U.S., Canada, and Puerto Rico. KapTest tutors are promised flexible schedules, excellent benefits, and career growth (if they meet the site’s requirements, that is).
  • MathElf - if you’re good at math and want to help students with their math subjects, then this is the tutorial platform for you. You can earn $20 an hour, have a flexible schedule, and choose to tutor students from K-12 through to college level.
  • Parliament Tutors - aside from college preparation, Parliament Tutors offers course help and tutoring for every grade at every level, from K-8, high school, through college. There are private tutorial lessons in over 100 different courses in mathematics, sciences, social studies, etc.
  • Pearson - with a mission of getting people to have access to better learning, Pearson offers job opportunities for graduate students with teaching experience, who specialize in different subject matters. Tutors need to be available at a minimum of eight hours a week.
  • PrepNow - potential tutors for PrepNow need to have a Bachelor’s Degree (at least four years) from an accredited college or university, have had at least two years of tutoring or teaching experience, and are preferably available to teach on weeknights and weekends.
  • Revolution Prep - with a bit of a twist from other online tutorial services, Revolution Prep focuses on providing full-time faculty members to help students get “better grades, higher scores, and lower stress”, so this is best for those seeking full-time jobs rather than part-time.
  • Skooli - to be a Skooli tutor, you have to have at least a Bachelor’s degree and teaching certification. Tutor schedules are flexible.
  • Student Tutor - the site currently needs online elementary, middle school, and high school tutors for SAT prep, ACT prep (both $23 an hour), chemistry, science, physics, reading and writing (all academic subjects at $16 an hour), and more. The great news is that no prior tutorial or teaching experience is required, but a great knowledge of the subject you plan to teach is a must.
  • The Princeton Review - if you want to apply for this online tutorial website, be prepared. The Princeton Review is a prestigious tutoring platform and so has stringent requirements for potential tutors, including a training program for specific subjects.
  • TutorABC - the site has an application process takes approximately an hour, so it requires some patience to apply. Potential tutors are also required to make a video recording to show how engaging your presence is to students.
  • TutaPoint - this site has been reviewed in the forum by another member and has gotten a Legit verdict. Tutor requirements include two years’ work experience as either a tutor, teacher, retired teacher, teaching assistant, or college professor.
  • Tutor.com - perhaps one of the most popular tutorial sites currently in existence, Tutor pays by the hour depending on the subject you choose to teach. Students can be anywhere from K-12 to college level.
  • TutorMe - both the students and tutors of TutorMe have a rating system, the better to maintain the quality of the online tutoring platform. There is a staggering number of subjects to teach, from academic to recreational!
  • Yup - succinct and to the point, this tutoring website even allows college-level students to become a tutor with them. They pay monthly via PayPal, and the rates depend on the performance and experience of each tutor.
Help with research and writing papers

When I was still in grade school, one of my objectives was to ace my homework in English. Back then, the Internet wasn’t as widely used as today, so libraries and books were my main resources for research and references. Thankfully, there are now websites that link professional and experienced tutors to students to help them do proper research and come up with thoughtfully prepared papers for submission.
  • DoMyPapers - at this website, you can place an “order” for any type of paper, from essays, case studies, book or movie reviews, journal articles, lab reports, annotated bibliographies, outlines, speeches, term papers, thesis papers, and just about any kind of paper that needs quality research and delivery. Clients can also choose the number of pages and the academic level they need for their research and papers. I personally find this platform appealing since I write, and can see how I can find tasks to do here that are in line with my level of expertise and experience.
  • GeeklyLab - proudly taking the “geek” label to heart, this “task sharing platform” promises to connect students to a geek such as professors, other students, and learning enthusiasts. Rates can go up to $20 an hour! It’s all straightforward assistance though, so don’t expect to be the kind of geek to that will spoon-feed a student with everything they need for a paper or research.
  • HelpWithAssignment - calling itself “the number one assignment help service provider”, this site offers dozens of services on a staggering variety of subjects, including engineering, taxation, religion, corporate strategy, thesis and term papers, and just about anything in-between. They, of course, prefer tutors with MBAs and PhDs, plus at least two years’ teaching experience.
  • TutorVista - if you have a Master’s Degree in chemistry, physics, statistics, English, or biology, you’re a shoo-in for this site. They look for tutors committed to at least four hours of tutorial sessions per day.
Provide resources for students

Back then, I had no idea how to do homework fast especially if my teachers piled us with assignments for the day. How to start, and where to start? Consider the following.
  • BrainMass - the site encourages you to “turn your academic expertise into cash!” They promise reliable monthly payments, easy to follow tutorials and guidelines, and other benefits in exchange for answering questions and helping to build up a content database for customers to download.
  • CourseHero - CourseHero offers study resources by school, subjects, or books. You can earn through them by contributing (uploading) helpful resources, or by becoming a tutor (successful tutors can potentially earn $500 a week!).
  • Eduboard - the site works by helping registered clients come up with solutions or answers to problems they post on Eduboard. They can then choose a tutor from a variety of ages, backgrounds, and skill level to help them answer their question. The average price for a “quick answer” is $2, while a 30-minute online session costs $20.
  • LearnLight - boasting an “an international team of diverse, talented, and friendly professionals”, LearnLight promises schedules that are comfortable with their tutors, as long as they have foreign language certification and at least two years of teaching experience.
  • Preply - specializing in one on one language tutorials, Preply helps students speak naturally in the language of their choice from experienced tutors all over the world. Tutors can conduct lesson remotely via Skype right in the comfort of their own home.
  • Rosetta Stone - this is the best tutorial platform for those with a passion for different languages and cultures.
  • SchoolSolver - another resource for any kind of academic questions, School Solver prides itself in being the “marketplace for school projects”. There’s a list of questions in a table under different subject categories, along with the amount clients are willing to pay, and an indication of the kind of urgency they need to have the question answered.
Assist with special projects

I’ve discovered that even grown-ups need some help with their corporate homework and special projects, including essays, independent contractors for academic coaching, business writing, and even brushing up on grammar and spelling!
The verdict?

Today, you can do your homework with the help of an expert, thanks to the wealth of online tutors, researchers, and other pros who can provide assistance and guidance (for a fee, of course). If you are passionate about academics and special courses that are close to your heart, here is your chance to pay it forward to students while helping them develop good study and research habits, as well as get the kind of test scores and grades they will be proud of.

Your turn!

Though it is by no means exhaustive, hopefully, this article proves to be a valuable resource for anyone who is thinking of becoming a home-based tutor or helping a student with their homework. Have you had any experience with online tutorials? Please tell us all about them.
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Fred W

Jun 14, 2018
Thanks for this enlightening post on how to get paid to do someone’s homework! Like you, I really wished I had this back when I was a kid, struggling with my Math assignment and wishing I had the brain of an adult, haha.

But now that I’m older, I’m glad that I can pay it forward by helping both kids and adults to finish their homework, do their research, and generally make assignments pleasant and doable. I’ve done some private tutoring back when I first started out as a freelancer, and it was a great experience overall. But my wife really went for the remote education route via LearnLight. She used to teach in a private high school but decided to be a work-at-home mom to be there for our kids (and me!). Her teaching experience certainly helped her get a job teaching business English to international students. The hourly pay was good (around $14) and it certainly helped us with some of our bills. She also loved that the LearnLight team came from all over the world (in over 50 countries, in fact!) so there’s diversity as far as culture, talent, and skills are concerned.

But I guess what attracted her to LearnLight in the first place was the promise of good work-life balance - something we were both trying to achieve when we decided to quit our corporate/day jobs and work from home. I love it when companies encourage that kind of thing!


Rookie Wordsmith
May 16, 2018
I’d hate to admit this, but when I was a broke college student, I did offer some homework-doing services to a bunch of high school and even elementary kids I met online. I like to joke that that was my training for becoming an online tutor. But that’s a different story altogether, haha.

The surprising thing here is that the kids I did homework for weren’t they type you’d expect to pay someone to complete their homework. These kids weren’t slackers at all. Most of them were actually pretty smart. I think the issue they were facing was that they were simply overwhelmed. Overwhelmed with academics, overwhelmed with extracurricular activities. These kids were more than capable of doing their own homework… if there just wasn’t so much of it to do!

So I eventually pivoted from completing the homework of other kids to becoming a tutor, then eventually a college professor. You’d think tutorial classes are another load on the kids’ shoulders, and that’s partly true. But I tried to teach kids better comprehension and time-management skills along with their regular lessons. And I’d like to think that gave them the necessary skills to manage their workload.

Now that I’ve become an online tutor, it almost feels like I’ve gone full-circle!


Rookie Wordsmith
Jun 13, 2018
Doing research papers and other people’s homework is a great way to make a couple of bucks on the side. And it’s not even that difficult… and you definitely don’t need to have above-average intellect like my bro Holden. If you’ve got good enough academic skills and are good at articulating ideas through words, this could be a good side hustle for you. Unlike Holden, I don’t really think about the ethical or moral quandaries (that’s the right term, right?) that doing other people’s homework presents. Hey, it’s a free market, right? If someone wants to pay me to do their homework and research papers, you can bet I’m willing to take that money to do it. But since I’m writing this now, I started giving it a bit more thought...

Yeah, my opinion hasn’t changed. I’m doing a service for these kids. Like Holden talked about in his post, kids are like totally swamped with all sorts of activities. They’re practically wearing their brains out just trying to stay ahead of all the lessons and homework they need to do. If me doing their homework allows them to focus on other parts of their academic lives, then all’s good, right?
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