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Jun 14, 2018

Awesome ideas for a dream business! Thanks for this post - it’s something I’ve been thinking a lot about the past few months.

See, I had an office job for the longest time. I didn’t really allow myself to dream of running my own business someday, because growing up, I thought a “business” meant a brick-and-mortar shop and having staff salaries to pay every month, and generally feeling harassed about the hundred possible things that could go wrong, etc. At least that’s what I witnessed as a kid observing my mom and dad. They constantly fretted and worried if certain suppliers will be delayed, and if that new strip mall opening in town will threaten their small shop. In short, a business didn’t seem like a fun way to make money, so I ended up being a corporate drone for years.

When I finally freed myself from the shackles of corporate slavery, I found myself wondering if my myopic view of having my own business should be changed. Nowadays, it’s pretty obvious that creativity, a passion for something, and experience are factors that could contribute to a successful business. Sure, there will be challenges, but they don’t have to be the kind that my parents faced on a daily basis. So on that note, I am really going to aim for a niche blog to monetize eventually. The least I could do is have fun while earning, right?


Jan 21, 2019
When you’ve made up your mind about trying to work from home, the next thing that you ask yourself is what to do.

If you think about it, there are a lot of money-making ventures that you can do at home. One of them is starting your dream business.

Still undecided about what your business should be? Let me give you a few suggestions to get you started. These business ideas have been broken down to suit different needs.

3 Ideas For Your Dream Business

1. Coaching

Most people are always looking for opportunities to improve themselves--mentally, physically, spiritually, academically, etc. There are some, however, who would need help in going through the process. As their coach, you can be that someone who can guide them as they try to get their lives on the right path.

Business Coach – If you’ve got business sense and have had experience successfully running a business, you can impart your knowledge on budding entrepreneurs out there. Share tips, tricks, and ideas on how they could make their business work and grow. You can do one-on-one meetings, host webinars with a small group, or create courses and reference materials. The sky is the limit here! With so many people wanting to dabble in business, being a coach could be a lucrative business opportunity.

Fitness Coach – Living a healthy lifestyle is almost on everyone’s to-do list these days. If you are in good shape and is confident about your knowledge of staying healthy, you can put this knowledge to good use by helping other people achieve their fitness goals. You can start coaching in small groups. This will be tempting especially to those who don’t like going to gyms. Look for around for places in your area where you can hold these classes--unused rooms/office space, community center, or the park.

Nutrition Coach – Teaching people to eat the right kinds of food could be an excellent business opportunity, too. Just like fitness coaches, being a nutrition coach allows you flexibility in terms of the size of your class. You can either hold small group sessions or even hold a one-on-one. You may even do a “field trip” by taking your students to the grocery to show them what they should be eating.

Wellness Coach – As a wellness coach, your task is to help your clients achieve overall balance in their lives--setting goals, making decisions, planning to make the goals achievable. To some, this might seem intrusive. But there are people out there who would rather have someone guide them as they go through the process. Be someone else’s sounding board and earn money while doing it.

2. Blogging

I’m sure starting a blog has crossed your mind, too, but you just weren’t sure how to start and how the whole thing works.

Blogging as a business has been rewarding for many people. It has opened a lot of opportunities for them even if they are running it in the comfort of their home. Blogging is not as easy as it looks, but if you’re willing to learn and want to do it as a money-making endeavor, you have to learn the basics.

Still don’t know what to blog about? Check out these categories.

Blogging Blog – Blogging about blogging is helpful to a lot of people. If you’re confident about your blogging skills, share those skills with aspiring bloggers. Create courses and ebooks, hold private tutorial sessions, and have membership sites. Set these all up to help your students learn. You can start by teaching them the basics, and then go as far as teaching them how to earn from blogging.

Business Blog – Spreading word about a business venture is essential. That’s how to bring people in. Help new entrepreneurs teaching them to maximize the power of digital technology by creating a business blog that can help you establish an online presence for your business/products. Taking this route is a win-win situation--it will help direct traffic to your blog and let you earn money from blogging, while your clients learn new skills and get their businesses/products noticed.

Lifestyle Blog – There are different types of lifestyle bloggers around. If you want to become one, be ready to talk about almost anything, from family, health, DIY, product reviews, etc.

Niche Blog – A niche blogger is someone whose blog is dedicated to all sorts of topics about a single subject. You can choose to write about travel. Since travel is such a vague subject, you can focus on one aspect of traveling--packing light, traveling on a budget, traveling with kids, etc. The ideas are endless; let your creative juices flow.

3. Direct Sales

This one needs a little more effort, as you’d have to be a people person and be convincing with your words.

The thing with direct sales is that people have this perception that you’re just out to sell a product fast without even giving your potential customers a chance to examine them properly. As in anything, be sincere in dealing with people. They have to feel that you’re not just out there to milk them dry.

I’ve enumerated below direct sales home businesses that you can try:

BeautyAvon, Nerium International, Arbonne, Younique, Rodan & Fields, and BeautyCounter are a few to start with.

FashionCabi, Stella & Dot, India Hicks, and Sseko Designs are worth checking out.

Health, Wellness, and FitnessBeachbody, Usana, Le-Vel, Shaklee, Isagenix, Plexus, and Young Living are also worth trying out.

Still looking for more? Here are additional direct sales ideas for you to choose from. Just make sure to do your homework to make sure you’re aware of the costs and risks, if any, involved.

So are you all set to start your dream business? Feel free to share your inputs in the comments section below.
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