LEGIT 20/20 Panel Review: Take Surveys and Participate in Focus Group Discussions - Scam or Legit?


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Jun 13, 2018
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Market research is an extremely lucrative industry. That’s why there’s no shortage of survey sites online. These websites exist to help clients gather info about their market’s behavior, preferences, and backgrounds. Since there’s big money in this field, survey sites can afford to pay their members (us) to take these surveys.

But answering surveys is just one aspect of the market research industry. Other companies also specialize in organizing in-person panels and focus group discussions. One such company is 20/20 Panel, and they will be the subject of my review today.

Is 20/20 Panel legit? Read my 20/20 Panel review to find out!

About 20/20 Panel

The Nashville-based company is a long-standing player in the market research scene. In fact, they’ve been operating since 1986 - way before the internet became a thing. In over thirty years of existence, they’ve paid out over $35 million dollars. Yup, 35 million - that ain’t no typo.

Kind of strange, though, that they have a cheap template-based site. But as much as I appreciate great branding and design, I know that’s not the end-all, be-all of a company.

How Do You Earn on 20/20 Panel

There are two ways - you complete surveys, and you participate in in-person focus groups. I know the Earn That Buck community is more into online methods for earning, but I’ll be talking about the in-person focus groups just the same.

Taking Surveys

On this site, taking surveys also involves participating in online discussions, chats, and web-based meetings. 20/20 Panel currently focuses on the following topics and products:
  • New gadgets that aren’t widely-available yet
  • New menu items being served in fast food restaurants
  • New toys that have yet to become widely available in retails
  • New mobile phone plans
If you notice, they’ve got a big focus on new things. I think the companies hiring 20/20 Panel want to stay ahead of the curve, so they’d like to know how people react to newly-released products and services.

Participating in In-Person Focus Groups

20/20 Panel also looks for people who can participate in market research studies. Currently, this is open to

Canadian and US residents only - specifically, residents of Charlotte, NC; Nashville, TN; and Miami FL. If you’re from those areas, you can participate in tests in-person in their facility.

They’re very specific about the people who can join a particular panel. For example, a cosmetics company will want feedback from women who are, say, over 35 years old, have shopped at least twice in the last two weeks, and are coupon collectors. This is just an example of the target demographic for each study. A study for a sporting goods company will have its own set of requirements.

Although you provide a lot of info about yourself during registration, 20/20 Panel may require some additional info, which you provide through pre-qualifying surveys. This info is used to determine whether you really are qualified to participate in a specific panel.

If you qualify, one of their recruiters will contact you to schedule your participation!

Earning Potential

Because of the amount of time and work it takes to participate in focus groups, you can’t pile these on, unlike regular surveys. But that said, these studies do pay well - anywhere from $50 to $250! They’re like the unicorn of the 20/20 Panel experience. You won’t always qualify, but when you do, it’s pretty awesome.

As for regular surveys, they vary between a few cents to a few dollars. Like other survey sites, your earnings will depend on the number of surveys you can complete.

Payout Options

If you participate in an in-person discussion, payment is sent as either a physical or virtual gift card.

As for surveys, you can request a payout as soon as you hit 500 points, which is equivalent to $5. Payments are also sent as gift cards.

I like the low minimum withdrawal, but other than that, their payment options are pretty lackluster, especially for the in-person discussions. If I’m earning $300, you bet I’d like to get that amount in cash. But hey, it is what it is.

20/20 Panel: The Good and The Bad

Here’s a quick breakdown on the things I liked about 20/20 Panel… and the things I didn’t. Let’s get to this.

The Good

Big Rewards for In-Person Focus Group Discussions - They know the value of your time, and are willing to pay for it. Just not in cash (but more on that later).

Professional Operations - The company has been around for over thirty years. You don’t get to last that long by screwing over your clients and respondents. Overall, I find them very professional and easy to deal with.

The Bad

Mediocre Pay - I think I got overly optimistic when I read that they’ve given away over $35 million in payouts. Granted, I never expected to be a millionaire by taking surveys, but the actual money you’ll be earning is no better than that on other sites.

No Cash Payments for Focus Group Participation - This is a biggie for me. It might not be for other people, but I’m still putting this under the Bad list. If I’m going to have to be physically somewhere, I’d like to get paid in real-world money. Because cash is king, baby!

The Verdict: Legit or Scam?

20/20 Panel is legit! They’ve been around for quite some time, and know how to manage a legit business. They’re not the best survey company to work with, but for what it’s worth, they’re all right. I’ve added them to my secondary list of survey sites. When I can’t find any tasks on the other sites I’m a member in, I check 20/20 Panel.

20/20 Panel Screenshots

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Your Turn

This review is based on my own experiences using 20/20 Panel. Now it’s your turn to share! Have you tried this site? And did you get to participate in any focus group discussions?

Let’s hear your stories!



Jun 14, 2018
So my husband has started taking interest in doing paid online research studies - the kind that can help him shape the future of certain products and services while he gets paid for his opinions, of course. A couple of months ago, he signed up with 20/20 Panel, which as Amos has mentioned in the lengthy review above, has been around for quite some time now. But does that necessarily mean it’s a trusted and legit site? Here are my two cents (via the hubby’s experience) on it.

What makes 20/20 Panel different from other paid survey sites

As mentioned, it’s also all about paid online focus groups and does not rely merely on completed surveys. They go as far as conducting face-to-face interviews for the list of products and services they need studies for (depending on your location and demographic). Since my husband is big on these kinds of market research jobs because he’s such a huge fan of new gadgets and smartphones, restaurants, and yes, even TOYS, we thought he’s practically a shoo-in for these focus groups.

After signing up, he expected to get a lot of phone calls or notifications about being part of a paid online research, but he didn’t really get any. That promise of earning $50 to $250 remains a dream until now.

What we like about 20/20 Panel...so far

Though he’s been unlucky in the focus group department, my husband did earn some money regular surveys. We like that the site’s trigger amount is only $5 so cashing out via PayPal is easy and relatively hassle-free. The points aren’t hard to earn, either, so it’s not difficult to rack up enough to earn a decent amount.

There is also a referral system at 20/20 Panel! Since it’s one of my favorite ways to earn online, I’m glad this site has it.

My verdict?

Though there are complaints about difficulty in qualifying for surveys and focus groups, my husband seems to be satisfied with being a member of 20/20 Panel so far. He understands that most paid survey sites aren’t exactly a reliable source of steady (second) income, but the surveys he’s completed here are (and I quote) “easy and almost fun”. So I would recommend this site to others, based on my hubby’s experience, but with the added unsolicited advice of not making it your main source of income.


Rookie Wordsmith
May 16, 2018
Thanks for 20/20 Panel review, everyone!

20/20 Panel happens to be one of my favorite survey sites. Granted, I haven’t tried as many survey sites as Amos (who is totally up to his neck in survey sites, it looks like), but that’s only because I don’t bother sticking with survey sites that provide a lackluster experience. If you’ve been wondering about 20/20 Panel, let me give it to you straight: 20/20 Panel is legit!

So with that intro out of the way, here’s a breakdown of the things I like about the site:

- Interesting surveys. I noticed more tech- and gadget-oriented surveys here. Surveys on other sites don’t always cover interesting topics, but I’m glad that 20/20 Panel surveys were interesting enough to keep me engaged.

- It has focus groups. Full disclosure: I’ve never joined a focus group. But the fact that they have this program means that they’re serious about their business. I mean, how many scammy survey sites even think about pretending they have focus groups?

- Yes, the pay is very middle of the road.
But there could be worse things about a survey site. It could withhold payment, for one. Or suddenly up and disappear. But 20/20 Panel isn’t just legit, they’re professional. Which means their operations are totally dialed. I’ve never had a problem using 20/20 Panel, ever. And that more than makes up for their payment levels.

All things said, I have no trouble endorsing 20/20 Panel. Give this legit survey site a try!