10 Smart Ways to Make Money Online


Bronze Wordsmith
May 17, 2018
Everyone has to hustle these days. The internet has brought so many opportunities for earning. In this article, I’ll be telling you how to make money online. Doing jobs online is highly recommended for us working people because they’re usually flexible schedule-wise. They let us set exactly how long we want to work. This enables us to earn while attending to our other responsibilities.

Below is a list of websites and apps that let you earn online. Read on!

Take Surveys On Grabpoints

Let’s start with a money-making method you can do while doing other money-making methods. On GrabPoints, you get points for every survey you complete. You can also earn points by doing other stuff like watching videos and taking tasks. You can later redeem your points as either cash or gift cards.

GrabPoints is the perfect way to earn during the free time between your other tasks. For example, if you’re a private grocery shopper, you can use GrabPoints while waiting for bookings. Or if you’re a teacher on Udemy, you can answer surveys whenever you take a break from making lessons.

But the best part about GrabPoints is that it’s the highest-paying survey site in the world. Plus, they process payments pretty fast, which is really convenient when if a small emergency pops up and I need my money fast.

You can register on GrabPoints by filling out the registration form on their homepage.

Drive For Other People

Uber is, of course, the most popular ride-sharing company, but I’ve heard good things about Lyft as well. A very close friend of mine earns good money as a Lyft driver. Your earnings will vary based on location and schedule (trips during peak hour pay more), but you’re looking at making about $17 an hour – that’s not bad at all.

You will need your own vehicle, though. And your car will have to meet Lyft’s standards. But it’s an awesome way to earn!

To find out more, view Lyft’s application page.

Deliver The Goods

If having strangers ride your car isn’t your thing (like it is with me) you can always work as a driver for Amazon Flex. On Amazon Flex, you use your personal vehicle to delivery packages (instead of passengers). How it works is, you get a booking on your Amazon Flex app, then head to your nearest Amazon warehouse/fulfillment center. You will then have to deliver the package within a set amount of time. But Amazon will assign you to a limited area, to ensure you can deliver the goods on time.

Amazon Flex is being deployed to multiple cities in the United States. To find out if your city is eligible, and to apply if it is, click here.

Become A Private Grocery Shopper

If you like making deliveries but prefer a bit more human interaction, working as a private grocery shopper just might be your thing. Private shoppers receive a shopping list via an app, then buy groceries for the people requesting it (don’t worry, you’ll be reimbursed in addition to getting paid). You will then deliver the items to the person’s home.

This is an extremely fun and rewarding way to earn since you’re providing a valuable service for people. You can look into three apps for this: Instacart, WeGoShop, and Shipt, all of which are legit companies that let you earn money online. Below are links to their registration pages:

Instacart sign-up
WeGoShop sign-up
Shipt sign-up

Sell Your Old Cds And Dvds

Admit it: you’ve got tons of CDs and DVDs gathering dust on shelves. When streaming music and video became a thing, physical media started to lose its usefulness. If you’ve gone fully digital like me, it might be a good idea to sell your old CDs and DVDs. You’ll make a few bucks while freeing up some space. Plus selling old stuff is a great way to make money online fast

Not all shops will give you the same prices, though. Some shops even sell so low, selling isn’t even worth the packing materials you’ll need to send the discs out.

Decluttr – This site is awesome because they also buy gadgets in addition to CDs and DVDs. Average pay is $0.45 to $0.64 per disk, and they’ve got the fastest payment processing I’ve found. Sign-up here.

Bonavendi – If you’ve got some rare or collectible discs, sell them to Bonavendi. This shop puts a premium on collectible discs (which other shops may not do). Overall, they also pay extremely well – on average $0.70 to $0.90 per disk. The sign-up form is one their homepage.

Buyback Express – Buying prices here aren’t the highest, but the great thing about them is that they have an instant price quote function, so you’ll know right away how much they’re willing to pay for your Backstreet Boys collection. And since you’ll want to sell in bulk, that online price quote feature will come in really handy. Sign-up here.

Sell Your Old Books

Speaking of physical media, you might want to sell your books as well. I know selling your old books might not be easy – I love reading, and I’m pretty attached to my books. But when you need the funds, selling books is a pretty reliable way to make some money (plus my hubby appreciates the free space).

My main recommendation for selling books online is BookMonster. BookMonster pays about $0.50 to $0.70 per item, which is a pretty decent rate. BookMonser also has an extensive buying price database, so you can find out how much your books are worth before committing to selling them. Sign-up for BookMonster here.

Sell Your Old Clothes

Since we’re already on a decluttering spree (one of the best ways to make money online), why not sell your old clothes? I’ve heard a piece of advice that says you should sell any piece of clothing you haven’t worn in two years. Okay, I’ll admit to extending that to about four years. But when the time came for me to sell my old clothes, I was pleasantly surprised by how much I could make.

Selling in bulk is okay, but if you’ve got some notable pieces, I strongly suggest you sell them individually. And for that, I highly recommend Poshmark. The site is one of the biggest used-clothes marketplaces on the internet. You’ll have to make an effort to make your selling posts presentable, but it should be worth it, in the end. Sign-up for Poshmark here.

Put Your Space Up For Rent

We once put up our place for rent on Airbnb. I know I mentioned a while ago that I didn’t like sharing my personal space (I’m a territorial dad!), but we were heading out on vacation anyway. My wife convinced me by saying that since our house would be empty while we were gone, we might as well earn from it. And since I wasn’t physically there to grit my teeth over someone else using our home, it was all good.

If you’re leaving for an out of town trip, you should look into renting out your place on Airbnb. It’s one of the greatest ways to make money online, and a nice way to offset the costs of your trip. And even I had to admit that it’s perfectly safe and legit. Rental rates will depend on the size and location of your home. If you’re interested in this, click the sign-up button at the Airbnb homepage.

Teach Online!

I’ll admit, this technique is a bit next-level. But if you’ve got the skills and background for teaching, doing online tutorials is an excellent method for making money online. Udemy is one of the best places for this because they provide a wide range of subjects – over 40 subjects! And not all subjects are academic. Topics include arts and crafts, and even personal development. So if you’ve got special skills, chances are someone will want to pay to learn it.

On Udemy, you upload videos of your lessons, so you don’t have to wait for your students to be online. You will have to invest in camera and lighting equipment, though. Udemy is also pretty particular about their teachers.

If this is something you’d like to try out, here’s a link to Udemy’s instructor application page.

Get Random Freelance Gigs

All the money-earning methods I’ve listed are pretty specific. But if you’d like to go freestyle and look for random freelance gigs, there are sites where you can do just that. Sites like UpWork, PeoplePerHour, and even Amazon’s Mechanical Turk, are great ways to find various odd jobs. Simply sign-up, and start looking for gigs that interest you. You’ll find a wide range of jobs available – everything from tagging photos to working as a virtual personal assistant. Below are links to their respective sign-up pages:

UpWork sign-up
PeoplePerHour sign-up
Mechanical Turk sign-up

In Closing

This article is my way of showing you how to earn money online. The sites listed here are all totally legit, and present us working moms with great opportunities to earn while attending to our regular tasks and responsibilities.

How about you guys? Do you have any other online money-earning methods? Let’s hear ‘em!
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