10 Paid Forum Sites

Would you post on a forum site for money?

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  • I'm not a good writer.

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  • How do I sign up?

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Aug 28, 2020
Topeka, KS
  1. PaidForumPosting.com
    Go by strict definition, it is not a forum. Rather this resembles a forum posting hub that connects forum owners and paid forum posters.
  2. KickStartYourForums.com
    Similar to PaidForumPosting.com, you can register for free, get connected, and apply for various paid forum posting jobs.
  3. TheCashChat.com
    The rate is $0.03 to as much as $0.10 for individual posting. The amount of payment will commensurate with the quality and the volume of your posts. To be paid thru Liberty Reserve.
  4. MoneyEarningForum.com
    Post and get $0.02. Payment is through Liberty Reserve. But they make sure that you can only cash out after you have posted at least 200 posts.
  5. CashFindForum.com
    Here you get $0.02 is for every single posting. You can choose among these three – PayPal, Liberty Reserve, and Alert Pay – to get paid.
  6. ITalkMoney.com
    Again, the fee ranges from $0.03 to $0.10 for every posting subject to the quality of your posts, if you registered as a free member. For paid or upgraded users, the range change to around $0.05 to $0.20 for each post.
  7. MoneyShareForum.com
    As far as I know, this is the only Paid to post forum that includes revenue sharing. What it means that they share half of the earnings with you. So long as your posts can attract other sites here, you are entitled to 50 % of the earning. Otherwise, you can stick to forum posting to earn cash. Payment is through Liberty Reserve.
  8. EarningPalace.com
    Every single post earns you $0.03. Members who hit $4 can choose to get payment through Liberty Reserve.
  9. MyLot.com
    Started in 2005, MyLot happened to be among the first forums to pay members for their contributions. You can also start a new thread and get $0.1 to $0.50 in return. Also, every new response generated on that thread pockets you another $0.01. They also pay you a bonus of up to $0.20 by encouraging you to use their tailor-made search engine. Once your account hits $10, payment can be disbursed via PayPal.
  10. ExtraDime.com
    This is one of the rare sites that pay every newly registered user a $0.50 “Welcome Bonus”. After that, it is $0.02 for every new posting and an additional $0.10 if a member chooses to start a new thread. A unique (and welcome) characteristic of ExtraDime is that a little free space is allotted to you on the forum for you to show off your Google Adsense advertisements, which are yet another avenue for you to make money.