LEGIT 10 New Paid Survey Sites You Should Check Out


Jan 21, 2019
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Who doesn’t love paid survey sites?

When you think about how it lets you earn extra money online by merely answering surveys, possibly during your spare time, it’s understandable that you will get hooked and would want to consider doing it for long. It’s so easy and convenient that some people continue answering surveys for extra money even when they have full-time jobs.

If you’re relatively new to doing surveys, you need to know that there are three ways to learn on how to make money online. First, you can check out tried-and-tested sites like InboxDollars and Pinecone Research. Second, you do further research and look for legitimate but lesser-known paid survey sites that pay good money. Third, be on the lookout for market research companies that conduct surveys regularly. Some of these surveys tend to cover a wider audience and would need more respondents.

Let me tell you more about the third option and find out which survey you can participate in.

Earn Extra Money Through Surveys

1. Clothesline Chico's Panel

This “exclusive and collaborative online community for fashion lovers” conducts surveys related to clothing, accessories, and fashion. Answer the questions and get a chance to win gift cards, or if you’re lucky, receive free clothes and accessories. Head over to its site now and join for FREE!

2. Consumer Village

This new survey panel has unique features that explain why it’s that is getting popular fast. Aside from surveys, Consumer Village offers focus group discussions and surveys that are controlled by moderators.

Participate in the surveys and get an Amazon gift card as a reward. How much you will be getting as a reward will be determined at the end of the month. You can expect to get your reward within 15 days. Consumer Village also has monthly sweepstakes where they pick out 30 winners to win $10 each.

One good thing about Consumer Village is that for every 500 points you make, $0.25 goes to charity. To me, this makes it one of the best paid survey sites around.

Link: http://www.getpaidsurveys.com/survey/consumer-village/

3. Crowdology

With Crowdology, your opinions matter and could be worth an Apple Watch or an iPad. This alone makes you think this is could be the best way to earn money online.

Spare a few minutes—from as quick as two minutes to 15 minutes tops—of your day to answer surveys on a broad range of topics and earn between $0.40 and $10, or more. The money that you make depends on the type of survey you take and how long it is. The moment your earnings reach $8, you can already withdraw the money from your PayPal account.

Surveys are presented in a fun way, too, so you don’t get bored having to tick off a lot of boxes.

Link: https://crowdology.com/

4. Google Opinion Rewards

I want to put this out here before I try to convince you why you should check this out—Google Opinion Rewards does not give you real cash. What it does is that after you answer the surveys, you can earn up to $1 in credit which you can use when you purchase apps, movies, music, or books through Google Play. Also, this is open to Android users only.

To get started, download the app and answer some basic questions about yourself. You will then be made to fill out a sample survey and connect to your Google Wallet account.

The surveys are quick to answer—about ten questions or so—but they may not come as often as you’d want them to. You will be notified, though, when there’s a new survey for you to answer.

Check out the Google Play store if you want to give this a try.

Link: https://play.google.com/store

5. MusicScope

If you love music, this could be the survey app for you. Answer survey questions related to music and get paid. It’s that simple.

Link: https://www.themusicscope.com

6. Smart Panel

This app looks into how people behave online. Help them gather the insights needed by answering a few questions and get rewarded for it. Install the app and earn $15 and $5 for every month that the app stays installed in your device.

Link: https://smartpanel.io/en-US/

7. Tellwut

This one is cool. Answer questions, ask questions, or send private surveys to your friends and earn rewards.

What makes it even cooler is how quick you get to earn points: get 100 points upon sign-up and another 125 points when you complete your profile info. When you start answering the questions, you get between 5 and 25 points more. If you refer a friend to a site, you earn 25 points. By the time you’re done doing these, you’ll probably be receiving your first reward already.

Link: https://www.tellwut.com/

8. Travel Tails Panel

Help people who can’t resist their wanderlust by sharing what you know about traveling and your vacation habits and earn rewards in return.

Recommend destinations and amenities, share experiences, and discuss how else certain services can be improved in forums hosted by Travel Tails.

This survey panel also features quarterly and survey-specific sweepstakes that offer prizes of up to $250.

Link: https://traveltails.net/

9. Unique Rewards

Its website is pretty straightforward (okay, old, if you wish) you wouldn’t think it could offer you a lot of opportunities to earn money. Complete surveys and offers, watch videos, listen to the radio, click ads, shop online, and read emails. Yes, you get rewarded for doing these everyday tasks.

Link: http://www.uniquerewards.com/

10. Viewfruit Community

If you’re based anywhere in Asia, this one’s for you.

Download the app from Google Play or App Store and take part in its v-survey (online surveys), v-chat (discover new friends on its website), or v-vote (choose from a wide variety of subjects). You will earn points, which has a cash equivalent, by doing any of these.

Link: https://ph.viewfruit.com/

Your turn now!

Have you checked out any of these sites? What’s it like doing any of the activities these sites are asking you to do? Is the pay that good?

Share your experiences now. Drop a note in the Comments section below.
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