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  1. J

    Last site that paid you

    GiftHulk - $5.. The last payment from them. :(
  2. J

    What's the Best Reward Site Online and Why?

    GrabPoints. You can complete surveys on the mobile and easily reach the minimum cashout. :)
  3. J

    Last site that paid you

    The last payment I have received was from Big Free Giveaway. $0.57. I do hope that I will win more on this site. :D I have also received a payment of $20 from GrabPoints and $20 from TwitchFollows.
  4. J

    Thank you ETB

    I think some people will still be here.
  5. J

    LEGIT Triaba Review: International Paid Survey Site - Legit or Scam?

    Oh, that is sad. I wish there were more survey sites where you could not be disqualified. Just like on PaidViewPoint.
  6. J

    Best Paying Apps for Mobile Phones.

    Same here. I liked AppNana a lot but when you needed to complete an offer every time in order to get the promo code and deleted it. I don't really think that the invitation function is great on AppNana. I needed 3 people to use my code before I could use others. That is a little stupid.
  7. J

    LEGIT TwitchFollows - Scam or Legit

    When I was a regular member I only got between 1-5 offers every day, but now I can easily get between 500-1000 credits. It really depends on my day and if I'm busy or not.
  8. J

    Thank you ETB

    This is really sad, but I'm happy that my second earning site was EarnThatBuck and not a scam site. Thank you for that! I will miss you EarnThatBuck, @msmoneybags and everyone else here on the forum site. Take care and be safe!
  9. J

    LEGIT PaidViewpoint Review: Answer 2 Kinds of Surveys and Earn in Cash - Scam or Review?

    I feel the same way. I also think that it is sad but unfortunately every earning site is like that.
  10. J

    LEGIT OneDayRewards - Scam or Legit

    You can always watch videos on it with EngageMe, but it depends on your location.
  11. J

    LEGIT PaidViewpoint Review: Answer 2 Kinds of Surveys and Earn in Cash - Scam or Review?

    Hmm. It will probably take some months to cash out but someday you will reach that minimum payout.
  12. J

    Survey Sites That Have Paid Me

    It is because you are not from the USA? EarningStation is not available worldwide yet but it will be someday.
  13. J

    LEGIT OneDayRewards - Scam or Legit

    Sometimes you need to wait before you receive your points. It is like that on every earning site. I am happy that you received your points on OneDayRewards.
  14. J

    Last site that paid you

    Some days ago I received 0.20 GBP from CitizenMe. This app is so easy to use and also easy to earn a little amount with. I hope I will get more payments from it this month.
  15. J

    PaidViewpoint Review - Scam or Legit

    Okay, that is sad. I know some people are getting paid, but it is slow to earn on it just like winning the lottery. Lucky some day you will reach the minimum payout.
  16. J

    Great cashback apps for any receipts

    I do hope that these apps can work for people in Denmark. Do you know if I can download them?
  17. J

    LEGIT Earn Extra Cash by Posting on These Online Forums! Scam or Legit?

    Yeah, I think you are right. I also want an updated list of the forum sites that are paying their members. I have 5 forum sites on my list, but maybe some day in the future I have room for more forum sites.
  18. J

    3 Best Apps for Grocery Cashback

    I don't think I can use apps like this in Denmark. It would have been awesome.
  19. J

    Best Paying Apps for Mobile Phones.

    How many steps do you need to take to earn $1? Thanks for helping me with this!
  20. J

    Best Paying Apps for Mobile Phones.

    I have a question about Sweatcoin, can you buy rewards on there like PayPal rewards? I really want to use Sweatcoin but only if I can earn real money.