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  1. msbluebonnett

    3 Best Apps for Grocery Cashback

    Hi. I just got a new android phone so I finally signed up for Checkout 51. Are there any other good apps like Checkout 51 that are good for Canada as well. Thanks. Have a great day making money from home everyone. :-)
  2. msbluebonnett

    Best Paying Apps for Mobile Phones.

    Hi. I have a new android cell phone, it's a nougat, version 7.1.1, I believe. What are the best paying apps for playing games and watching videos outside of swagbucks and irazoo? Thanks and have a great day.
  3. msbluebonnett

    EXPIRED Free Appetizer at Swiss Chalet

    That is really too bad. You may just have to make a trip to Canada to see your friend and have him take you to Swiss Chalet.
  4. msbluebonnett

    EXPIRED Free 2 Pack of Croissants or Muffins

    When you sign up for Mimi's Cafe e-club, you will get your choice of a free 2 pack of croissants or muffins. Plus, you may get special offers of free meals (doesn't state if this will include conditions such as a purchase of an entree or a purchase of something else). Also I couldn't find an...
  5. msbluebonnett

    EXPIRED Free Appetizer at Joe's Crab Shack

    Signing up for Joe's Catch e-Club will give you a free appetizer as well as all the latest news, deals and promotions at Joe's Crab Shack. You may even get sneak peaks at upcoming deals and promotions before everyone else. On a more personal note, this may not be appropriate for anyone with...
  6. msbluebonnett

    EXPIRED Get a Free Box Combo from Raising Cane

    Get a free box combo from Raising Cane simply by following these steps. 1. Visit a participating Raising Cane location and ask for a Caniac Club Card. 2. Then register your card (please check the attachment for more information). 3. Follow the instructions for filling out your information...
  7. msbluebonnett

    EXPIRED Free Order of Fries

    When you sign up at Wingstop, you get a free order of fries on the house. Plus, on your birthday, you also get a free gift although they don't state what it is (it's always nice to get a surprise gift on your birthday). Once you are signed up for the club, you will get all the latest news...
  8. msbluebonnett

    EXPIRED Free Sample of a Soy Drink from Q-Can Plus

    Get a free sample of a fermented soy drink from Q-Can Plus when you fill out the form. Please note that they do not ship to p.o. boxes, the states of Alaska, Hawaii, or anywhere outside of the continental U.S.A. such as Puerto Rico, or Canada. They do not state an expiry date or give an...
  9. msbluebonnett

    EXPIRED Free Burger Ruby Tuesday

    When you fill out the form by August 31, 2018 and invite a friend, you will receive a free burger or garden bar entree and a hand-crafted lemonade plus your friend will receive a free appetizer from Ruby Tuesday if they join So Connected Club. One coupon per person per So Connected account is...
  10. msbluebonnett

    EXPIRED Ten Free Albums on Google Play

    You can get ten free albums on Google Play. These are Billy Currington-Icon, The Black-Eyed Peas-E.N.D., Boys to Men-Icon, Conway Twitty-Icon, Johnny Cash-Icon, Josh Tuner-Icon, Kenny Rogers-Icon, Kiss-Icon, Loretta Lynn-Icon, and Nashville Outlaws-a Tribute to Motley Crue. I am not sure how...
  11. msbluebonnett

    EXPIRED Free Slice of Pie

    Receive a free slice of pie with an adult entree purchase when you sign up for the Village Inn's newsletter. Once you sign up, you will be among the first to know about valuable deals, coupons, events, and new entrees at the Village Inn. Your first email from the Village Inn will include the...
  12. msbluebonnett

    EXPIRED Free Sandwich Meal and Free Nibbler

    When you join the Zax email club, you will get a free sandwich meal just for joining as well as a free nibbler on your birthday at Zaxby's. There is no information as to expiry dates or whether or not you can combine the free sandwich meal with the free nibbler for your birthday. You can...
  13. msbluebonnett

    EXPIRED Free Ice Cream

    Get a free homemade ice cream cone at Handel's when you sign up for their newsletter. After receiving the coupon via email, you will have 48 hours to redeem your coupon and must present either a valid driver's license or birth certificate. They state that any information submitted to them...
  14. msbluebonnett

    EXPIRED Steak and Shake, Free Coffee coupon and Other Coupons

    Get coupons for Steak and Shake. Among these coupons are two free coupons. One free coupon is for coffee and the other coupon is for a free Egg and Cheese Biscuit. There is also a coupon for a buy one, get one free milkshake plus many more coupons for a free item with the purchase of an...
  15. msbluebonnett

    EXPIRED Free Appetizer at LongHorn SteakHouse

    When you join the club, you will get a free appetizer at LongHorn SteakHouse on your next visit with your purchase of one adult dinner entree. Valid at participating locations. Once signed up, you will get not only the free appetizer but also more offers, expert grilling tips and much more...
  16. msbluebonnett

    EXPIRED Free Waxing at European Wax Center

    If you want to get a free wax job done then European Wax Center is offering a free wax job. If you are a first time guest then you will be treated to a complimentary wax job. Women who are first time guests can enjoy one of the following complimentary wax jobs, brow, underarm, or bikini line...
  17. msbluebonnett

    EXPIRED Free Pool Test Kit

    Get a free pool testing kit. By filling out the information you will get free chlorine and ph strips to test the water in your swimming pool. I don't have a swimming pool so I don't need this. What a great way to make sure your water is safe to swim in for you and your loved one. Simply fill...
  18. msbluebonnett

    EXPIRED Free Color Sample

    Get a free color sample of Dunn-Edwards Perfect Palette by printing off the coupon and taking it into any Dunn-Edwards store by December 31, 2018. You will get one 8 ounce Perfect Palette sampler for free at a Dunn-Edwards store. It is only valid in store and only one coupon per person is...
  19. msbluebonnett

    EXPIRED Free E-Book by John Grisham

    Get a free e-book written by the famous author, John Grisham, called the Tumor. It is a non legal thriller. You can get it at amazon, Nook by Barnes and Noble and also Google Play. You can also download the book in other formats if needed. If you love to read, want to start reading or just...
  20. msbluebonnett

    EXPIRED Free Cat Litter

    Dr. Elsey's Precious Cat Products is offering a rebate on your first purchase of any bag of Precious Cat cat litter because they believe that you will love their premium litters. Just complete the rebate form, attach the original UPC code of the Precious Cat cat litter and the original receipt...