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  1. PsycheScribbles

    LEGIT Future Talkers Review: Get Cash for Completing Surveys - Scam or Legit?

    Wow! This is so nice and seems legit. My country, Philippines, is on the list too! I will check this site soon and sign up and will try if this is a good site.
  2. PsycheScribbles

    LEGIT Make Money Playing Games on Your Computer! Here’s How

    There many gamers who prefer to record their screens and edit them and Upload them on Youtube.
  3. PsycheScribbles

    LEGIT MyLot Review: Get Paid to Be Sociable - Legit or Scam?

    There many who signed up but because of the slow payment, or pile up of cash, they are all leaving the site. But there are many too who are staying.
  4. PsycheScribbles

    Do You Keep Track of your Online Earnings? If You Do, How do you Do It?

    i think in my case, it is best not to count them so they will just flourish and pile up and I will just be happy!
  5. PsycheScribbles

    PayPal - Reward Store

    I do not know. But, I do not think so? Because Paypal Verification needs a Visa or a Mastercard. But if Gcash has that, then you are good to go.
  6. PsycheScribbles

    LEGIT TranscribeMe Review: Earn Up to $2,200 Transcribing from Home - Scam or Legit?

    The application for this site is very difficult. It took me hours to transcribe the first audio but I ended up cancelling it because it was pointless. Transcription is not for me, I guess.
  7. PsycheScribbles

    PayPal - Reward Store

    According to a BMF member, Gcash is a good option. However, you can only cash-out through Gcash if you Paypal is verified ALREADY. I use Paymaya to verify the Paypal first. I am planning to have GCash once I'll accumulate some cash in my Paypal.
  8. PsycheScribbles

    Shortest survey or most points?

    I would also love to do surveys that are short as there is a guaranteed money instead of the long surveys that would probably screen me out.
  9. PsycheScribbles

    QUESTION Cash or GiftCards: Which do you prefer?

    Paypal of course. Everyone needs cash!
  10. PsycheScribbles

    QUESTION How important is the money for you when joining a paying forum?

    I am doing PTP forums so the money I'd get is just a bonus to my learning and gained new friends.
  11. PsycheScribbles

    PayPal - Reward Store

    It would be best if you'll open an account! To have a debit card or credit one is expensive. I suggest, you should have a savings account, then have a Paymaya Account to verify your paypal.
  12. PsycheScribbles

    LEGIT InstaGC Review: Earn Enough for Holiday Shopping! Legit or Scam?

    This is truly legit but since I am from the Philippines, there are no offers or tasks to do. I am stuck at 0.16$.
  13. PsycheScribbles

    How did you make your first buck online?

    I think it was through the K.O. Trivia App!
  14. PsycheScribbles

    PayPal - Reward Store

    Have you cashed out there? It would be easy to verify Paypal if you just have a bank account and a Paymaya!
  15. PsycheScribbles

    PayPal - Reward Store

    You are planning to do the same here too? Is it me or you are also an active member in MyLot lol
  16. PsycheScribbles

    LEGIT Slicethepie Review: Make Money Reviewing Music and Clothes - Scam or Legit?

    That is good for you! Where do you live, by the way? I am from the Philippines and it says it is not available in my country. How much have you earned so far? :)
  17. PsycheScribbles

    LEGIT Slicethepie Review: Make Money Reviewing Music and Clothes - Scam or Legit?

    I wanted to join but sadly this is not available in my country.
  18. PsycheScribbles

    LEGIT How To Write Resumes For Money

    I think I would not go for this as I am afraid to take risks. I will just settle for forums, etc. Thanks for sharing this though!
  19. PsycheScribbles

    PayPal - Reward Store

    I would also settle for the biggest amount but I will surely check out the minimum the first time not to get scammed.
  20. PsycheScribbles

    LEGIT MOBROG Review: Earn Cash from Anywhere in the World - Legit or Scam?

    Well, you should. But, if you're in the US, I suggest you use more and other sites! There are many good sites meant for Tier 1 countries like yours.