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    Can I run SwagBucks, MyPoints and nCrave simultaneously?

    I'm asking because they are all owned by the same company Prodege and I'm worried about a ban or a soft ban if I do. Anyone have experience with this?
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    Make Money from Your Credit Card? It’s Possible!

    When I think of credit cards, I think of sky-high interest fees, finance charges, annual fees, balance transfer fees, cash advance fees… just a lot of fees. Credit cards are really useful, and you could say even a modern necessity, but it’s all too easy to get buried in an avalanche of...
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    Bootstrap Your Way to Success!

    I was an aspiring entrepreneur without one of the common things entrepreneurs need: access capital. I had this idea for selling my own brand of hot sauce. It was a great idea, but a killer idea wasn’t enough. I needed funding to get the business off the ground. I tried applying for loans and...
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    EXPIRED Download Good Earth CofeeHouse App and get 1 FREE beverage + 1 FREE baked good

    This offer runs until the end of May, so still 13 days to go. The offer gives you 1 FREE beverage + 1 FREE baked good if you download the Good Earth Rewards App. A few notes If you already have an account with Pita Pit or Presotea, which is owned by the same company then you will not receive...
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    QUESTION My experience with Apple Wallet and Gift Cards (Passbook)

    I don't know if I'm missing something, but I was given a Starbucks gift card worth $10 the other day and figured I would try and add it to my Apple Wallet, just so I don't have to carry around the physical card. This is when I started scratching my head. To do so you first need to create an...
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    HOW-TO How to Make a Good Living as a Musician

    If you’re a musician like me, chances are you’ve had to deal with parents who disapprove of your chosen career. I mean, parents love the idea of their kids learning the piano or guitar. In my case, they even let me use the garage as a practice space for my prog-metal band. But by the time I...