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  1. FloydMCD

    LEGIT Rewarding Ways Review: Fast Payouts - Scam or Legit?

    Hope you guys all had a great weekend. Long story short is 100% legit. I got paid several times and they have a good amount of available offers. I am from the USA so I am sure that helps since I know that most survey sites like to get access to market research data from...
  2. FloydMCD

    LEGIT Pinecone Research: Make Above-Average Money Taking Surveys - Scam or Legit

    Hi Booba. Yeah no need to beat yourself up about not getting into Pinecone Research. Check my review above. They're good but there are a lot of other great ones such as GrabPoints ( check my grabpoints review here...
  3. FloydMCD

    LEGIT You Can Earn Lots of Money From Ghostwriting! - Legit or Scam?

    Interesting article and I think I will give Gotham Ghostwriters a try since thats the stuff I like to write about. I always liked writing because its something you can do from literally anywhere and you don't have to work in an office. Maybe the time I am filling out surveys is better spend on...
  4. FloydMCD

    LEGIT Amazon Flex Pay Review: Earn Money Delivering Packages for Amazon - Scam or Legit?

    Amazon Flex is awesome and I drive for them occasionally as well. As the other say a package doesn't complain and as long as you deliver it on time and in good condition you will make money and keep the job. I'm personally really amazed by amazon lately. I believe that normal companies like UPS...
  5. FloydMCD

    3 Best Apps for Grocery Cashback

    I always use cashback apps for my grocery shopping. And the best thing is you can also combine most of them with your credit card so you're double dipping :) On some of my credit cards I get 3% back + whatever the app gives me for scanning the receipt. The one I use most of the time is Ibotta...
  6. FloydMCD

    LEGIT Earn Good Money as a Lyft Driver!

    I drove for Lyft a while ago ( just after my normal work for 1-2 hours) and it was a good experience. Driving for Lyft is definitely a good way to make some extra money. The lyft driver requirements are pretty standard if you ask me and anybody over 21 with a valid License and a decent car...
  7. FloydMCD

    LEGIT SuperPay.Me Review: Fast Easy Payment - Legit or Scam?

    Hands down they're legit and one of the good ones out there. They're not in my top 3 yet but I started using them more and more. They pay out, they have a good amount of surveys & tasks and there is no negative stuff about them. if you guys read my other reviews then you know that I always...
  8. FloydMCD

    LEGIT Pinecone Research: Make Above-Average Money Taking Surveys - Scam or Legit

    I discovered PineCone a couple months ago and they're 100% legit. The only problem is that it's not easy to get into ( right now I believe they closed their Pincecone research registration again ). I actually had a few friends ask me how to join pinecone research and I just told them that I got...
  9. FloydMCD

    LEGIT Rakuten Insight Review: Answer Surveys for Cash and E-Vouchers - Legit or Scam?

    They are legit but they're not one of my top providers out here. Here is my personal short review for Rakuten Insight. This company is around for about 20 years and you shouldn't ever have any issues getting paid. They main company is actually Rakuten (
  10. FloydMCD

    LEGIT AppTrailers Review: Get Paid to Watch Game Trailers - Scam or Legit?

    Long story short AppTrailers is not a scam. They pay you for watching trailers for other apps and I made some money with them before ( I also found a few good apps I am still using actually ). I use their app on android and never had any issues. Runs smooth and they pay fairly well for the task...
  11. FloydMCD

    LEGIT Dealspotr Review: Share Deals and Get Amazon Gift Cards! Scam or Legit?

    Dealspotr is where I get my Papa Johns Coupons ( yes am still ordering their pizza regardless of the recent scandals) . DealSpotr isn't necessarily a site where you earn money for doing tasks such as filling out surveys, but its a place where people share and comment on Coupons and Deals. I use...
  12. FloydMCD

    LEGIT Make Money With iPoll – Answer Surveys And Claim Your Cash! Scam or Legit?

    Long story short they are legit and here are my personal thoughts about Ipoll. I also love that they have a mobile app as I love to do some tasks while I got some idle time. The other day I made a few bucks while picking my daughter from school. They pay regularly and are around for a long time...
  13. FloydMCD

    LEGIT VIP Voice Review: Take Surveys to Enter Contests and Auctions - Scam or Legit?

    Long story short they're legit and that company behind them is around forever. ( since 1967). For non US citizens I doub't there is much as from what I know they concentrate mostly on US surveys but that might've changed. I've been using them for quite a while and my overall experience with them...
  14. FloydMCD

    LEGIT My TimeBucks Review: Earning Cash for Doing Tasks - Scam or Legit?

    Long story short : Timebucks is 100% legit. They're one of the good ones out there and I've been using them for a while. First of all you won't have to worry about getting paid. I've gotten paid plenty of times and so did thousands of other users. They're def one of the better GPT sites out...
  15. FloydMCD

    LEGIT Sweatcoin Review: Earn Cash and Rewards by Walking - Legit or Scam?

    After reading the original sweatcoin review I was intrigued to try it myself. I liked the idea of being rewarded for moving more ( besides the obvious health benefits). In the end money is a great motivation. So here are some thoughts from my experience with the sweatcoin app. I use Android...
  16. FloydMCD

    LEGIT Survey Compare Review: Find High-Paying Surveys Through This Survey Router - Legit or Scam?

    Long stort short they're 100% legit. If you're looking for a good way to find some new survey providers then check them out. To get started with them you just need to enter your birthday and email address. Right after you submit your data they will show you some great sites that you can join as...
  17. FloydMCD

    LEGIT Five Blogs That Will Pay You $100 To Guest-Post!

    Very nice. I didn't know about those yet and since I love to write this should be a great way for me to make some extra dollars. After all those surveys I get a bit brain drained so writing some interesting articles for a change should be nice :)
  18. FloydMCD

    LEGIT Creation Rewards Review: Earn by Taking Surveys and Doing Tasks - Legit or Scam?

    I heard about a lot of issues with this get paid to site so I never really got around to trying it myself. For me every time I read about some negative reviews I just want to skip the site and go with the ones I trust. Not saying that they're a scam but online you can read a lot about people...
  19. FloydMCD

    Panel Payday Review: Up to $75 per Survey! - Scam?

    Long story short : I wouldn't recommend them either. I wouldn't necessarily call them a scam but they are def not legit. If that makes sense I tried them and my experience with them wasn't good. I pretty much encountered the same problems that were mentioned in the tread and just stopped using...
  20. FloydMCD

    LEGIT Univox Review: Earn by Answering Surveys - Legit or Scam?

    good point on the design ;) It's not the best but yeah after a few mins you know how to get around Not sure regarding their referral program. Am sure they have their reasons