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    How Much Did You Earn Online in April 2019

    Been an extremely slow April for me, just had too much stuff going. But here are my earnings - USD 27.34 - Cashed out 25 of them, mostly generated through JunVideos - USD 17.00 - USD 5.00 - USD 3.00 - Guess this will be my last...
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    LEGIT Vivatic Review: Do Various Tasks for Cash - Legit or Scam?

    I really don't see the upside to signing up with Vivatic. As you say in your review the micro tasks are from Crowdflower, so you could just go direct or go on Fiverr, mTurk or PeoplePerHour for the more time intensive tasks such as transcription and article writing. As you will definitely make...
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    TIPS Unwind to Rewind: How to Relax When Your Home is Your Workplace

    Great article! First up let me say in my opinion working from home is not for everyone and by that I don't mean whether or not you as a person are capable of doing so, because anyone can work from home if you ask me. No, I mean that if you do work from home you also need to make sure you have...
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    Can I run SwagBucks, MyPoints and nCrave simultaneously?

    I'm asking because they are all owned by the same company Prodege and I'm worried about a ban or a soft ban if I do. Anyone have experience with this?
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    Make Money from Your Credit Card? It’s Possible!

    When I think of credit cards, I think of sky-high interest fees, finance charges, annual fees, balance transfer fees, cash advance fees… just a lot of fees. Credit cards are really useful, and you could say even a modern necessity, but it’s all too easy to get buried in an avalanche of...
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    Bootstrap Your Way to Success!

    I was an aspiring entrepreneur without one of the common things entrepreneurs need: access capital. I had this idea for selling my own brand of hot sauce. It was a great idea, but a killer idea wasn’t enough. I needed funding to get the business off the ground. I tried applying for loans and...
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    How Much Did You Earn on Rewards / Apps / Sites in April 2018?

    April was a slow month for me, usually I'm closer to $150-200 but inventory was bad for me and I was incredibly busy. So here are my earnings, that I've CASHED out. GrabPoints: $12.50 InboxDollars: $7.50 SwagBucks: $11.00 PineCone Research: $22.70 Bing Rewards: $5.00 Qmee: $6.60 Total: $65.30
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    HOW-TO Get Paid Up To $13,000 By Selling Your Poop!

    I was actually going to sign up to this, as I would love to get paid but also I would be doing good by donating my fecal matters. But according to their website it seems like it's specific to the following areas only:
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    LEGIT 3 Ways to Get Paid to Watch TV

    I see, that's good to know. The reward TVs I've tried so far has been mainly ads and promo clips only. But will check out these TV related ones. Should be an easy way to earn a few bucks.
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    LEGIT Prolific Review - Scam or Legit?

    Yes, I meant if it's open to signup to Prolific from other countries besides the UK. I just visited Prolific and see this. So looks like it's open, but wonder if they have inventory for me. Will give it a shot later.
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    LEGIT Reviews - SCAM or LEGIT?

    @shaboss which other url shorter bets are you comparing to?
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    LEGIT 3 Ways to Get Paid to Watch TV

    Title is a little missleading. I would say this is paid to watch ads instead.
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    LEGIT Prolific Review - Scam or Legit?

    Great review. Personally never heard of Prolific. Are they geo reatricted, because I notice you mention all payouts in pounds.
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    EXPIRED Download Good Earth CofeeHouse App and get 1 FREE beverage + 1 FREE baked good

    This offer runs until the end of May, so still 13 days to go. The offer gives you 1 FREE beverage + 1 FREE baked good if you download the Good Earth Rewards App. A few notes If you already have an account with Pita Pit or Presotea, which is owned by the same company then you will not receive...
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    QUESTION My experience with Apple Wallet and Gift Cards (Passbook)

    I don't know if I'm missing something, but I was given a Starbucks gift card worth $10 the other day and figured I would try and add it to my Apple Wallet, just so I don't have to carry around the physical card. This is when I started scratching my head. To do so you first need to create an...
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    How did you make your first buck online?

    I started making money online in 2015, my first payout was from Fiverr where I transcribed a bunch of audio recordings. I only discovered reward apps and paid surveys much later.
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    HOW-TO How to Make a Good Living as a Musician

    If you’re a musician like me, chances are you’ve had to deal with parents who disapprove of your chosen career. I mean, parents love the idea of their kids learning the piano or guitar. In my case, they even let me use the garage as a practice space for my prog-metal band. But by the time I...
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    LEGIT Whaff Rewards Review: Get Paid to Install Apps - Scam or Legit?

    I love Whaff Rewards and they are most definitely a legit rewards app. Their rates are decent and they pay on time. One of my top money makers. Attached is my payment proof.
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    LEGIT CashCrate Review: Make Money Online with Paid Surveys - Scam or Legit?

    CashCrate used to be a great money maker of mine, but I've since switched to other sites that has better rates and more inventory. CC is legit though and they pay on time. Attaching payment proof.
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    LEGIT AppBounty Review: Install Apps and Games and Earn Rewards - Scam or Legit?

    Like the other replies here I can attest that AppBounty is a legit rewards app. Attaching my payment proof.