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  1. Kanvi

    Your Favorite Shows for 2018

    The Expanse and 12 Monkeys, StarTrek was also awesome and looking forward to s2 in 2019
  2. Kanvi

    LEGIT Wordlinx Review: Complete Tasks and Share Links for Rewards – Legit or Scam?

    Good summary and why GPT sites are also often called beermoney :)
  3. Kanvi

    Massive Changes for GrabPoints: Highest Payouts and Decreased Reward Costs

    You wouldn't get negative points for being inactive, your points would simply be stricken out and you'd get many emails telling you about this prior. It sounds like one of the providers that he completed a survey or an offer at reverted it after a cashout, thus it shows as a negative balance. I...
  4. Kanvi

    Anyone watching Narcos Mexico?

    Finished it the other day. Honestly, it's sorta rinse and repeat of the other seasons. Would probably be better to just watch a 2-hour docu on Discovery about the Mexican cartels. But entertaining though predictable.
  5. Kanvi

    Anyone watching Narcos Mexico?

    If so how you liking it so far?
  6. Kanvi

    Hello All

    Welcome Gabriel to ETB. Hope you like find the community useful and find lots of good articles as well as great people to connect with.
  7. Kanvi

    LEGIT 6 Companies That Hire Home-Based Translators

    I've not personally been a translator on https://www.onehourtranslation.com/ but I've used it to have certain things translated and the amount of translators on this platform is pretty staggering. I think it deserves a mention or to be included in your review, as it seems like a go-to place for...
  8. Kanvi

    Decluttr Review: Sell Your Old Stuff for Sure Money - Scam or Legit?

    @Naomi in your research for this review of Decluttr did you stumble across any international alternatives? We have a lot of international users on EarnThatBuck and I'm sure they'd be interested in something like this. Personally, I am a big fan of Facebook Marketplaces and if I were Decluttr...
  9. Kanvi

    LEGIT Be A Theater Checker: Get Paid To Watch Movies - Scam or Legit?

    That’s awesome. Was the process hard? I mean to get approved etc.
  10. Kanvi

    Got a Cam? Here are Proven Ways to Make Money Using It!

    Holden, do you know if any specific cameras are required or if it just comes down to resolution, meaning most newer smartphones can be used for this as well, or is it only for people with digital cameras and SLRs?
  11. Kanvi

    Massive Changes for GrabPoints: Highest Payouts and Decreased Reward Costs

    You do realize this has nothing to do with GrabPoints right?, that's Smores.TV/EngageMe.TV that has changed. GrabPoints simply use them as a provider.
  12. Kanvi

    SCAM OgaMoney: View and Click on Ads for Money - Scam or Legit?

    OgaMoney is definitely a scam. I do not even see why anyone would bother signing up with this site and I hope that no ETB members has done so. The fact they charge you for a referral program is obscene, and their minimum payout of $150 is a joke pure and simple. I understand some sites have $10...
  13. Kanvi

    UNRATED UniqPaid Review: Take Surveys and Offers for Cash - Scam or Legit?

    Thanks for you in-depth review of UniqPaid. Personally I would not bother with this site and you're right it's a huge red flag that they do not pay you until you get paid, not saying UniqPaid is a scam, but it definitely doesn't deserve a legit rating out the gate. Once I see some payment proofs...
  14. Kanvi


    Hi Tammlynn, welcome to ETB! Sounds interesting about your book and all the advise you plan on passing down to us.
  15. Kanvi

    How and Where to Sell Your Old Furniture

    Here in Canada Kijiji and Craigslist are definitely your best bet if you want to offload things and I'd say that Craigslist is your best chance. Kijiji looks prettier and is easy to navigate but you will get far less responses. Craiglist when selling furniture gets you replies within the day you...
  16. Kanvi

    Delayed Flight? Here are 4 Websites That Can Get You Reimbursed

    I was once on holiday in Spain and my flight was delayed for 8 hours in Tenerife, when I arrived in Barcelona there were these paralegals standing ready with business cards to hand out to all of the travellers, at that time I didn't understand why, until I looked into it some more and as it...
  17. Kanvi

    TIPS Fresh Out Of Blogging Topics? Here Are Five Ways To Get Unstuck!

    I don't run a blog but I do use this tool https://www.answerthepublic.com/ to help me get unstuck. It basically shows you all the different questions people are asking on a topic. Very powerful.
  18. Kanvi

    My Five Favorite Cashback Sites and Apps

    I don't use any apps for cash back shopping, I just rely on my RBC Preferred Cash Back credit card. I get 1.5% on groceries and 1% on most other things. It adds up nicely and it's added directly to my credit card bill that automatically pays down my balance. I guess I could in reality opt-in and...
  19. Kanvi

    WhatsYourPrice Review: Date Wealthy Men for Cash - Legit or Scam?

    I'm surprised this site is not banned in the US because I really don't see the difference between Craigslist escort ads or BackPage, sure you are not guaranteed to get laid by paying for a date, but what happens if the date ends in sex, then in reality WhatsYourPrice.com facilitated the sexual...
  20. Kanvi

    UNRATED Smart Panel: You Can Earn $110 A Year Just By Installing This App! Scam or Legit?

    Yes from what I can read on other forums such as Reddit it seems as if they open up again.