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  1. Holden

    LEGIT Nine Proven Ways for Kids to Make Money

    As the old Bob Dylan song goes: these times, they are a-changin’. I tried to get my youngest son interested in a paper route or mowing lawns, but nah. The little squirt wasn’t into into that. His mother and I initially thought he was lazy, but the truth was actually the opposite. The kid just...
  2. Holden

    Earn Money While Out on Vacation - Five Lucrative Methods

    I think these are all great earning methods while you’re out on vacation, but you’ll have to sort of pick and choose the methods which fit your travel itinerary. For example, I like having pretty set travel plans (I know, I know; that isn’t the best way to explore new locales – I’m not the...
  3. Holden

    LEGIT Get Paid to Name Businesses! Scam or Legit?

    I think June’s idea is more fool-proof, but I also like to think that it’s a business’ best interest not to screw people over like how you mentioned. Word goes around fast. If a company steals someone's business name idea, you can bet the online community will be up in arms over it. If you’re...
  4. Holden

    Your Favorite Shows for 2018

    My favorite show for 2018 was BoJack Horseman. That show is soooooooo deep. It’s crazy. It’s a show about a horse-person who happened to be a big sitcom star back in the early 90s. But he’s pretty burnt-out now. It sounds like a crazy premise, but it works. This isn’t a show that tries to be...
  5. Holden

    LEGIT MyPoints Review: Taking Surveys and Other Tasks - Scam or Legit?

    Thanks for the MyPoints review, op. To make the most of the rewards site experience, I think one of the most important things to do is use several sites at once. That’s because you won’t always qualify for surveys on a rewards site. When that happens you can always switch to the next site to...
  6. Holden

    HOW-TO Are You a Jack of All Trades? Here’s How to Find Your Niche

    + one million to finding your center. I used to flail around a lot at life, mostly because I could do so many different things… I wasn’t super-good at those things, mind you. But I was pretty competent at a lot of different types of tasks. So I jumped from one career to another, doing good in...
  7. Holden

    LEGIT iTalki Review: Pays you to teach languages online - Scam or Legit?

    Finally got to try iTalki! The site is totally legit. They’re really particular about your credentials, so unfortunately, this opportunity isn’t just for anyone. You’ll need to have the proper background to get in. As for me, I’m an English professor in a local college, so my experience came in...
  8. Holden

    LEGIT Rakuten Insight Review: Answer Surveys for Cash and E-Vouchers - Legit or Scam?

    Well, for the first time it looks like I share the same opinion about a rewards site with the other commenters here. :) Rakuten is a good rewards site to use if you like to earn money or gift cards. Note that I said “good” not “great.” While Rakuten is a legit site (I won’t even try it if it...
  9. Holden

    LEGIT e-Rewards Review: Earn Rewards for Completing Surveys - Scam or Legit?

    Yes, e-Rewards is invite-only. And yes, I think being invite-only kind of sucks. This is purely theoretical, but I think the reason for that is that e-Rewards isn’t able to attend to a large user base. If anyone has first-hand info on why this site is by invite-only, then please correct me. I...
  10. Holden

    LEGIT Cashback Research Review: Answer Surveys and Read Emails for Cash! - Legit or Scam?

    Earning on Cashback Research doesn’t take too much effort. It’s simple, easy, and fun to do (always the most important thing). I really like the so-called “progressive payment method.” That’s a good spin on the usual rewards site program. Since I need to give you an honest assessment of...
  11. Holden

    LEGIT Virily Review: Revenue-Sharing Site - Legit or Scam?

    I also think Virily ([email protected] that name) is legit. As previously mentioned, you create blogs posts on the site, and get rewarded whenever people view or read your work. I still consider Virily more a reward site because it “rewards” you like other rewards sites. Virily is more of a rewards site...
  12. Holden

    LEGIT SquishyCash Review: How I Made Quick Money - Scam or Legit?

    I used SquishyCash before, but I can’t vouch for how they are today. But for what it’s worth, they were pretty legit back in the day. But one thing that will jump out to all you rewards sites OGs is how small their user base is. SquishyCash has been around since 2007 - and that’s like forever as...
  13. Holden

    What do you look for in a rewards site?

    Which sites have you used after you stopped Swagbucks? I'm always on the lookout for new ones to try!
  14. Holden

    LEGIT How To Earn $20 An Hour Working From Home

    Camisa: to add to what Fred said (hey that rhymes, lol), yeah, a degree is required. Since you have an accounting background, you can try teaching that. I think the online teaching community needs more math (specifically accounting and business math) teachers. I’m an English and lit major, and...
  15. Holden

    LEGIT Prolific Academic Review: Earn Cash for Participating in Research - Legit or Scam?

    I’ve never been booted out of Prolific Academy (or any other survey or rewards site, for that matter). And I’m with you guys on the opinion that the person who got banned probably used like a VPN or tried to find other ways to cheat their way to higher earnings. Frankly, the person was kind of...
  16. Holden

    Offset Your Car Payments by Renting it Out! Scam or Legit?

    Hey Kanvi, thanks for the post on private car rental. Also, SANTACLOWN: these apps aren’t for ride-sharing. Users actually put their cars up for rental. It’s like the super Uber… or the über-Uber. My partner and I decided to use Getaround when we started having difficulty keeping up with...
  17. Holden

    Anyone watching Narcos Mexico?

    I'd really like a Narcos / Breaking Bad / Better Call Saul crossover!
  18. Holden

    Mendr Review: Earn Money Editing Photos from Home - Legit or Scam?

    Thanks Naomi for the Mendr review! I haven’t tried Mendr myself (but maybe I should?) but my cousin has and he totally swears by it. He used to find photo editing work on sites like Upwork, Freelancer, and Fiverr. But Mendr is now his primary source for his photo editing side hustle. Those other...
  19. Holden

    How to Make Easy Money While You’re Out on Vacation!

    Great list, Kanvi. I think people need to realize that just since they’re out on vacation, that doesn’t mean they can’t earn! Personally, I’ve found that being away is the perfect opportunity to use some passive income-generating methods, like renting out my place or private parking space. I...
  20. Holden

    LEGIT HitPredictor Review: Get Paid to Be a Music Influencer! - Legit or Scam?

    Glad you guys are having a great time on the site! I tried signing up after reading your comments, and got the following message: "Looks like you've rated everything! We add new songs and artists all the time, so check back soon..." Guess this is sort of like answering surveys - it's subject...