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  1. earnthatbuck

    Reg- Points expiration

    If you are completing Theorem surveys daily, your points will not expire. If you complete a survey, don't complete a survey for 30 days, your points will then expire.
  2. earnthatbuck

    QUESTION No survey

    A month seems a bit excessive. Are you receiving any errors? Also, which surveys are you attempting? There is definitely a downturn in inventory during the end of December, but you shouldn't have had problems for one month. Have you also tried TapResearch and TheoremReach? These both award...
  3. earnthatbuck

    Reg- Points expiration

    Your points will expire after not earning 1 point for 30 days. Simply watch videos, do any surveys or complete offers at least once a month. Promo codes and referral points do not count towards your total.
  4. earnthatbuck

    RULES GrabPoints Forum - Do's and Dont's

    Welcome to the Official GrabPoints forum! This post will describe the do's and don't of posting in the GrabPoints forum. DO! 1. Ask questions about GrabPoints - whether this includes functionality or earning questions. No question is a bad a question, as long as it's related to GrabPoints. 2...
  5. earnthatbuck

    TIPS Share Tips to Skyrocket Your GrabPoints Earnings

    Share your favourite earning tips so that we can all join the high earners club. Every tip matters and in fact, some of the easiest strategies can catapult your monthly earnings. I'll start with my favourite one: Take advantage of survey providers that provider disqualification rewards. My...
  6. earnthatbuck

    QUESTION GrabPoints Earnings for November 2018

    It's already a new month and you all know what the means - it's time to report your GrabPoints earnings for November! This allows us to measure up and ask questions about how others reached their super high earnings. Let's get this going! I'll start: How Much Did I Earn? $105.00 What Offers...
  7. earnthatbuck

    LEGIT Survey Junkie - Scam or Legit

    What methods do they pay instantly with - Paypal?
  8. earnthatbuck

    Hi im Lee 40 years young from south africa

    That's great to hear - always love warm leads :)
  9. earnthatbuck

    Hi im Lee 40 years young from south africa

    Keep reading and making friends on ETB :) I'm sure you'll find something!
  10. earnthatbuck

    What is the highest amount of points you have ever received from a Swagbucks search?

    Would love to see some screenshots (along with some collector bill screenshots if they still give those out!)
  11. earnthatbuck

    Hi I'm Shelly

    Very interesting. What would you say has been the most successful for you?
  12. earnthatbuck

    Hello Everyone!

    Hi Chelsea and welcome to the ETB community. I'm sorry to hear about your accident but happy to hear that you are staying motivated and moving forward! This is a great, friendly community so feel free to ask questions and start conversations! We look forward to seeing your contributions!
  13. earnthatbuck

    Like if your here because of grabpoints.com

    It's going great - how about yourself?
  14. earnthatbuck


    Hi Jess from Texas - welcome to the ETB community - look forward to seeing your contributions!
  15. earnthatbuck

    Hey, Team!

    Hi Ziggy - thanks for the detailed welcome! I would love to hear what your daily routine is, or what are your top 5 earning sites?
  16. earnthatbuck

    Ms. Noemi De Guzman Lingat

    Glad to have you aboard - welcome to the ETB community!
  17. earnthatbuck

    Hello Everyone!

    Hi Shellyann and welcome to the ETB community! You are superwoman if you are able to take care of kids and be a WAHM :) What other earnings sites do you currently use?
  18. earnthatbuck

    newbieh here!

    Hello Yolly! Welcome to the ETB community!
  19. earnthatbuck


    Hi Ashley - simply chat with people, read forums and learn learn learn everything there is about making online and offline. Here are a couple of great forums to get started. Rewarding Apps and Sites Contractor and Odd Jobs
  20. earnthatbuck


    Hi Tanya and welcome to the ETB forum. Do you use any other earning sites besides SwagBucks?