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  1. Naomi

    Five Tech-Free Ways To Entertain Your Toddlers

    This is an awesome list of non-tech things could try! And timely, too. I think kids are becoming more and more distracted these days due to smartphones and gaming consoles becoming a thing. I can’t wait for me eldest daughter to be old enough to take charge of her younger sister’s playtime. I...
  2. Naomi

    LEGIT Babysitting Apps: Finding Nanny Jobs Online - Scam or Legit?

    Oh man. I wish I had heard of these sooner – like, before I gave birth to my kids sooner, haha. This is a seriously great list, from the looks of things. I guess you could say I have a pretty keen maternal instinct. I love taking care of people, especially kids. When I was younger, I used to...
  3. Naomi

    LEGIT Get Paid to Name Businesses! Scam or Legit?

    Thanks for the suggestion! That's a great idea. Okay, I just might give this a shot!
  4. Naomi

    Earn Money by Selling Tattoo Ad Space on Your Body!

    Nice list of ways to make money getting tattooed, Amos. But I think most of the money-making methods you listed are pretty fringe and gimmicky. Putting ad space on your body up for auction might get media mileage… but they aren’t mainstream methods for promoting brands (and for you to earn). I...
  5. Naomi

    LEGIT Get Paid to Name Businesses! Scam or Legit?

    Can anyone tell me how you can be protected when you submit your suggestions for a business name? What’s stopping the potential client from taking your name suggestion without proclaiming anyone a winner?
  6. Naomi

    LEGIT Nielsen Computer & Mobile Panel Review - Share Your Browsing Data for Rewards - Legit or Scam?

    I’d like to think I’m a very private person. I’m the type of person who always switches off her location services unless really needed, and un-tags photos of her on social media. I was just brought up that way. That said, I think Nielsen Computer & Mobile Panel is actually pretty rock-solid. I...
  7. Naomi

    LEGIT Drop Review: Swipe Ads for Money - Scam or Legit?

    Answering surveys and completing offers can be pretty tiring - not to mention maintaining my various online tutoring accounts - and that is what led me to Drop. When I read brother Amos’ review, I was intrigued. I had been looking method that didn’t require too much thinking or effort. If you’re...
  8. Naomi

    TIPS 9 Ways to Make Money During a Recession

    This is a pretty good list – hopefully, none of us will have to live through an economic recession. But it that does indeed happen, at least we have posts like this – as well as the entire Earn That Buck community – to get ideas and support from. When it comes to topics like this I think...
  9. Naomi

    Your Favorite Shows for 2018

    I totally forgot to add one more show to my favorites of the previous year – The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel! Arrrgh, this show, t is sooo good! Haha. Maybe because I only started watching it late into 2018, but it was one of those sleeper shows. There were so many great shows, like I mentioned up...
  10. Naomi

    LEGIT Nine Proven Ways for Kids to Make Money

    Happy new year! If your daughter provides excellent service (and from the tone of your post, it looks like she does!), I think people wouldn’t mind if she starts charging for her services. In my neighborhood, people love industrious and resourceful kids, and they have no problem paying kids...
  11. Naomi

    LEGIT Offer Nation Review: Quick Payment for Surveys - Legit or Scam?

    So far I’ve earned $40, give or take, using Offer Nation. It took me about 2 months to reach that amount, but that’s not a knock at Offer Nation. It’s simply because I’ve been busy with other online earning methods I’ve tried all the earning methods on Offer Nation, but answering surveys is...
  12. Naomi

    LEGIT Wordlinx Review: Complete Tasks and Share Links for Rewards – Legit or Scam?

    Yep, that's also how I like to describe rewards sites. In fact, one of the red flags I look out for is if a site promises I'll get rich answering surveys. I usually ignore sites that do that.
  13. Naomi

    Your Favorite Shows for 2018

    I have to watch 12 Monkeys! Also, I've been reading The Expanse books. No spoilers, but I can't wait to see how the show tackles the latter books!
  14. Naomi

    Your Favorite Shows for 2018

    Hey guys! Since the year is coming to a close, I thought I’d ask you what your favorite TV (or streaming) shows for 2018 are? It was an awesome year for TV and movies. There’s so much good stuff out there, whether you’re a fan of horror (Halloween, The Haunting of Hill House, A Quiet Place)...
  15. Naomi

    LEGIT MileUp App Review: Get Paid to Drive - Scam or Legit?

    I’ve written before about how reward sites with alternate earning methods are awesome. The MileUp app definitely fits that bill. There are lots of sites that will let you turn your car into a billboard (via vinyl wrap ads) or you can even rent your car out. But with MileUp, all you need to do is...
  16. Naomi

    LEGIT FlirtBucks Review: Get Paid to Chat and Earn $60 Per Hour! Scam or Legit?

    Hey Star Light Rose, welcome to Earn That Buck. Thanks for sharing your experience using Flirtbucks… or rather, your experience not being able to use Flirtbucks, amirite? Sorry to hear that you weren’t able to complete the application. I hear ya. And I think it sucks that you were not able to...
  17. Naomi

    How to Make Easy Money While You’re Out on Vacation!

    I’ve heard an interesting story, which is pretty consistent with this thread. Taking stock photos (for Fotolia, or whichever stock photo-selling website you prefer) can be costly. Especially if you like doing shoots in exotic or faraway locations. To help offset that cost a bit, I met a...
  18. Naomi

    LEGIT Five Ways to Make Money From Weddings

    Hey June! Thanks for writing about making money through weddings. I guess the wedding industry will always be profitable, since people always be getting hitched. I once visited a wedding trade show during a work trip, and I can only describe the wedding industry as just that – an industry...
  19. Naomi

    How To Earn While The Kids Are In School

    I’ve written about my experiences doing adult-chat (via Flirtbucks and other sites) in the past. If you’re okay with this sort of work, I think it’s a great job to do when your kids (and everyone else in the household) is away at school. Just make sure you know exactly what time your kids are...
  20. Naomi

    Decluttr Review: Sell Your Old Stuff for Sure Money - Scam or Legit?

    @Kanvi: Yup, I think Facebook Marketplace and eBay are the best places for international people to sell. They’re not the most exciting options, but you don’t want exciting when it comes to selling platforms. You want safe and reliable. Facebook Marketplace is a pretty good alternative. But if...