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  1. NickBlaine

    LEGIT Babysitting Apps: Finding Nanny Jobs Online - Scam or Legit?

    My sister can attest to UrbanSitter! In fact, she is quite a fan of this app and won’t shut up about it :) Like most broke college kids who wanted a little extra income for fun stuff, she turned to nanny jobs online because she’s great with young children. But since she has a full load in...
  2. NickBlaine

    UNRATED Smart Panel: You Can Earn $110 A Year Just By Installing This App! Scam or Legit?

    I was sitting on the fence about this app given the unrated label the OP made for this Smart Panel app review. But the promise of convenience and mobility won over and here I am, trying it out nevertheless. Call me stubborn! Why I find it convenient: PayPal! It just makes it so easy for me to...
  3. NickBlaine

    TIPS 9 Ways to Make Money During a Recession

    Thanks for these awesome tips on how to make money during a recession! I myself have experienced personal financial downturns a couple of times already. I’ve tried several of your suggestions here, including temporary employment (I did data entry and some other office tasks that are rote), and...
  4. NickBlaine

    Decluttr Review: Sell Your Old Stuff for Sure Money - Scam or Legit?

    Thanks for this Decluttr review - it’s very timely! It’s that time of the year again when I’m making room for new by letting go of the old. Goodness knows I’ve tried my best to reduce consumption this past year, but I guess people like giving me loads of stuff - especially during the holidays...
  5. NickBlaine

    LEGIT Erli Bird Review: Get Paid $10 for Feedback - Scam or Legit?

    I also have an Erli Bird review! But it’s not as thorough as yours, Fred :) I wanted to be part of an “elite” group that gives early feedback for the betterment of products and services so I tried this site out. It makes a refreshing change from my usual survey taking, heh. I signed up...
  6. NickBlaine

    LEGIT MyPoints Review: Taking Surveys and Other Tasks - Scam or Legit?

    My personal short take on MyPoints for taking surveys and others tasks to earn - it’s legit (as others on this thread have vouched for). Now for my longer take on it in bullets: Overall ‘meh’ success rate on surveys - I didn’t always get disqualified on surveys, which is a pretty decent...
  7. NickBlaine

    LEGIT Cashback Research Review: Answer Surveys and Read Emails for Cash! - Legit or Scam?

    Cashback Research is alright. By that, I mean it’s not in my top ten list of ways to earn online - maybe not even in the top 20. In fairness to the site, it does right away warn users like us that we won’t get rich from it, but there’s a cocky guarantee of getting paid for doing surveys. So like...
  8. NickBlaine

    LEGIT Amazon Mechanical Turk Review: Earn Doing Tasks Requiring Human Intelligence - Scam or Legit?

    I’m drawn by the entire premise of the MTurk platform, which as the OP put it is all about “human-driven tasks”. These “HITs” or human-intelligence tasks are what we can make some money out of, and this appeals to me very, very much. This is the reason why I’ve kept this as a fall-back way to...
  9. NickBlaine

    LEGIT GiftHulk Review: Online Rewards Site - Scam or Legit?

    I’ve totally forgotten that I’ve joined up on GiftHulk until I read this in-depth review again. If I remember correctly, I’ve been a member since mid-2017 or so. I’m not entirely sure why I wasn’t actively doing tasks on it anymore. Hmm. Strange. At any rate, I decided to give it another shot...
  10. NickBlaine

    LEGIT Five Ways to Make Money From Weddings

    Oh, wow. I had no idea you can actually make money from weddings! Specifically, other people’s weddings, haha! Being a bachelor, I really have no idea where to begin if this were to be a chosen side hustle for me. But I have attended my fair share of bachelor’s parties and if memory serves, I...
  11. NickBlaine

    LEGIT Testable Minds: Answer Psych and Behavioral Surveys for Top Dollar - Scam or Legit

    I like the behavioral and psychological premise of Testable Minds. And I really don’t mind accomplishing longer surveys - hey, I’ve had more than my fair share of lengthy tests in school - provided I’m well compensated for them. And from what I initially gathered, the site pays a bit more than...
  12. NickBlaine

    LEGIT How To Earn $20 An Hour Working From Home

    No lol, what does that have to do with my review?
  13. NickBlaine

    Five Signs That You Should Be Blogging Right Now

    After reading these five signs that signal that I’m supposed to be blogging, I concede. I started a personal blog a couple of years ago but unfortunately wasn’t able to keep at it. The thing is, most of the items the original poster listed here checks out for me - I’m pretty expressive...
  14. NickBlaine

    10 Ways To Make Money With Your Smartphone

    Not to belittle your concerns but I’m starting to notice a bit of hostility with your posts regarding earning methods like this one. The article is about 10 ways to make money with your smartphone and you immediately veer into how reviews are mostly for US-based people only. There are SO MANY...
  15. NickBlaine

    LEGIT How To Earn $20 An Hour Working From Home

    I’m here to vouch for the legitimacy of Chegg as an online job that earns you $20 an hour just working from home. As Fred mentioned, not only do they stay true to the $20 an hour promise, but also that they pay weekly. It’s so convenient, especially when I have to pay bills and do groceries! No...
  16. NickBlaine

    LEGIT SuperPay.Me Review: Fast Easy Payment - Legit or Scam?

    I guess the most earnings I got from SuperPay.me was from referrals. This was largely due to the fact that I didn’t win in any of their cash contests (I tried, believe me) and almost got disqualified for surveys on a regular basis. I didn’t bother with the paid offers too. There were just too...
  17. NickBlaine

    Got a Cam? Here are Proven Ways to Make Money Using It!

    Yup, I got a cam! And yes, I’ve attempted to make money using it (not by selling it - at least not yet, haha!). Now I am in no way a professional photographer. I just like taking pictures for my Instagram account and occasionally doing bird’s eye-view selfies of my scalp to see if my male...
  18. NickBlaine

    UNRATED InboxPays Review: Get Cash for Simple Tasks - Scam or Legit?

    At this point, I think we can all more or less give pros and cons for GPT sites. The pros would include flexible time, the chance to make some extra pocket money, and that the tasks involved are pretty easy and doable - you know, watching videos, doing small surveys, and earn cash to read...
  19. NickBlaine

    UNRATED Cheetah Keyboard - Scam or Legit

    Sounds too much like "cheater" lol