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  1. Amos

    LEGIT My Achievement Review: The App That Pays You To Be Healthy - Scam or Legit?

    Late to the party, but I hope I can still share with you guys my hot take on My Achievement. This is an app that rewards you for doing something a lot of us need to do: get up and become more active. My Achievement is one of the more interesting rewards sites you can use because instead of...
  2. Amos

    What do you look for in a rewards site?

    ^ Pretty much what the title says. There are tons of super-useful reviews posted here on Earn That Buck, but I’ve also been wondering what are the things you look for in a rewards site. Do you prefer a particular earning method? Do you look for specific gift cards? I’ve done my share of...
  3. Amos

    LEGIT Amazon Flex Pay Review: Earn Money Delivering Packages for Amazon - Scam or Legit?

    A package doesn't complain - That's an interesting point. When I drive for Lyft, I need to play my "passenger-friendly" playlist. But with Flex I can play whatever helps me get through traffic!
  4. Amos

    LEGIT Be A Theater Checker: Get Paid To Watch Movies - Scam or Legit?

    Thanks for the great review of making money as a theater goer! This is one of those jobs that make you wonder why you get paid to do that thing. In this case, that thing includes heading to the cinema to watch movies. Actually, it’s not JUST watching movies, as the op indicated. It’s an actual...
  5. Amos

    UNRATED Get Paid Big Money by Participating in Medical Trials

    Savvy Trixie I understand your fears. This was something I originally hesitated to take part in - I guess I’ve watched one too many science fiction movies where the subject of some mysterious test turns into a super-powered mutant. (There’s a reason why Deadpool has been mentioned twice in this...
  6. Amos

    10 Ways To Make Money With Your Smartphone

    Would you like some fries and a large coke to go with that?
  7. Amos

    LEGIT GrabPoints Review - Make Money in Your Free Time - Scam or Legit?

    Warning: Rant follows I think there should be a sort of survey site “code of ethics.” People can sometimes be a bit too cavalier about using survey or rewards sites. They think they have an excuse to game the system. It’s just points, right? The company won’t notice, right? We’ll, if one person...
  8. Amos

    UNRATED Get Paid Big Money by Participating in Medical Trials

    I once donated sperm to as part of a clinical trial. I know there’s already a donate your sperm thread, but in my case, my sperm wasn’t used for conceiving (that I knew of). It was part of a medical trial about sperm count. I had to sign a non-disclosure agreement, so I can’t really tell you...
  9. Amos

    LEGIT WhatUsersDo Review: Earn by Doing Beta Testing for Websites - Legit or Scam?

    Thanks for the comments on my beta testing review, my peeps. In addition to getting beta testing work on WhatUsersDo, you can also try sites like UpWork, PeoplePerHour, and even Amazon’s Mechanical Turk to find beta testing jobs. Those are great resources, and I’ve found some pretty good work on...
  10. Amos

    LEGIT Harris Poll Online: Complete Surveys for Points and Rewards - Scam or Legit?

    Thanks for the reply! Yeah, in the months since I posted my review, surveys have gotten more and more scarce. Really sucks. Plus, the fact that there aren't any email notifications makes it a bit hard to use. I still think they're okay as a back-up rewards site.
  11. Amos

    LEGIT Univox Review: Earn by Answering Surveys - Legit or Scam?

    Well, you did figure out how to use the site, so the designers must have done something right. ;) Yeah. I prefer referral programs with less restrictions. Maybe they were trying to control the amount of referral bonuses they had to pay?
  12. Amos

    LEGIT Make Money Producing Online Courses: My Experience Using Udemy

    yeah sorry I'm with Naomi on this one - sorry hobitt-bro, sometimes you just gotta hustle y'know? Gotta succeed by any means necessary.
  13. Amos

    Great Ways to Earn Hundreds of Dollars This Month Alone

    Awesome write-up. Thanks for teaching us how to earn hundreds of dollars this month. I’d like to add that Lyft was one of my favorite money-making methods. I’ve tried quite a few different methods already, but being a ride-sharing driver was pretty fun and fulfilling. I actually felt like a...
  14. Amos

    LEGIT Survey Compare Review: Find High-Paying Surveys Through This Survey Router - Legit or Scam?

    For my next review, I’ll be covering a survey router, instead of my usual survey site. Survey routers provide a great service for people trying to find as many surveys as possible. And that site is Survey Compare. Wanna know if Survey Compare is legit? Read on to find out! Survey Compare...
  15. Amos

    LEGIT Cashback Research Review: Answer Surveys and Read Emails for Cash! - Legit or Scam?

    Today, I’ll be covering Cashback Research, one of the many survey sites on the interwebs. Since there are so many survey sites out there, one really needs to separate the legit ones from the scams. So here’s my Cashback Research review. Is Cashback Research legit? Read on to find out! Cashback...
  16. Amos

    LEGIT NiceQuest Review: Get Gifts for Answering Surveys - Legit or Scam?

    NiceQuest is one of the more interesting survey sites I’ve come across. The site looks good, and seems to be pretty professional. So here’s my NiceQuest review. Is NiceQuest a review or a scam? Read on to find out! NiceQuest: First Impressions I’ll say straight up that this is one of the...
  17. Amos

    LEGIT Rakuten Insight Review: Answer Surveys for Cash and E-Vouchers - Legit or Scam?

    What’s up peeps? Are you ready for another survey site review? I hope you are, since there are so many scam sites out there. I’ve been writing these survey site reviews to help you separate the scam sites from the legit ones. Up next, I’ll be reviewing Rakuten Insight. Ever wondered if Rakuten...
  18. Amos

    LEGIT Yo Opinion Review: Answer Surveys, Get Paid Directly in Cash - Legit or Scam?

    Ready for another review? Up next we’ll be tackling Yo Opinion. The company looks pretty good, and is run by the MIS Group, a major player in the market research industry. So read on for my Yo Opinion review. Wanna know if Yo Opinion is legit or not? Read on! How to Earn The site will send...
  19. Amos

    LEGIT FluxRewards: Earn Cash and Bitcoin for Answering Surveys - Scam or Legit?

    Thanks for dropping by! Will do.