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  1. Sprite1950

    UNRATED YourCashChat - Scam or Legit

    This is a forum which has been around a few years but needs more active members. It seems to be legit although I haven't been there long. Maybe some of you could take a look and see what you think.
  2. Sprite1950

    QUESTION Article writing or forum posting?

    I really enjoy writing but I have never been one for composing articles, I would much rather post on a forum giving my opinion or answering questions. I have attempted small blogs on sites like MyLot but I don't really enjoy writing in depth articles even though I know the money is better. Which...
  3. Sprite1950

    QUESTION Shortest survey or most points?

    When I answer a survey I always go for the type that can be done in the shortest length of time. Sometimes the longer ones will offer a greater number of points but if I weigh it up I know I could get halfway or even the whole way though the survey and then be disqualified. When you answer a...
  4. Sprite1950

    QUESTION Is a proof of payment screen shot really reliable?

    Lots of people swear by these before joining a new site but after seeing how easy it is to fake one I would rather go by the recommendations of people I know and trust on my earning sites. There are even Youtube vids showing how to fake a payment proof so is it really a dependable way of...
  5. Sprite1950

    QUESTION How long is it acceptable to wait for a payment?

    We all like to get paid as quickly as possible but it isn't always the case. On some sites I belong to I wait a month but because I know that is standard for them I don't mind. One *** site I used to belong to made us wait 6-8 weeks which I though was too long but having said that they always...
  6. Sprite1950

    LEGIT TwitchFollows - Scam or Legit

    I have been earning with this site for a couple of months now and have been paid twice. Basically it's a gaming site which pays you to follow people, you can join as a gamer or as a viewer like me. It's the most simple way I have ever earned money and requires virtually no effort. When I first...
  7. Sprite1950

    QUESTION Emoticons, what do you think of them?

    I love them because they can be used to express humour, happiness or sadness ;):D:(. It's easy to misinterpret text at times so an emoticon can make it clear what you mean to say. Do you use them or would you rather see just plain text?
  8. Sprite1950

    Last site that paid you

    I received $10 from Usabilityhub yesterday. My third payment from them :)
  9. Sprite1950

    QUESTION How important is the money for you when joining a paying forum?

    I won't join a site solely for money (even though I like it!). There has to be something else to keep me coming back, something that holds my interest and I can normally tell right away if I will like it. I like it if the admin are active and supportive because it makes me feel valued as a...
  10. Sprite1950


    This is one of my favourite sites. You can join as a website designer or like me join as a tester. Website designers put up questions for you to answer on their designs and ask how favourable you think they are. You just have to answer honestly and get paid for your feedback. They have an...
  11. Sprite1950

    QUESTION What is your least favourite way to earn money?

    I hate surveys. Despite the fact they are a good way to earn I find them repetitive, boring and the way they can kick you off at any point infuriates me. For this reason I usually only attempt very short surveys, the kind you find on Tap Research. At least they reward you for your efforts with...
  12. Sprite1950

    Hello from the UK!

    I love forum posting and look forward to making a few friends here.:)