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    The Mason Jar Savings Method: The Money Jar for Adults

    Thanks this is a great tip for the new year! but i think I will need a mason jar that is unbreakable or not too easy to pry open because i have a little girl running around the house who might be tempted to spend what i save in there lol
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    TIPS Ten Best Online Jobs for College Students Today

    yeah i agree that data entry is boring but its reliable and saved my hide during lean months. better boring than starving, hey?
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    HOW-TO How To Find Dog Walking Jobs Near You

    great list but I lost it at item#1: LUKE DOGWALKER hahaha!!! :ROFLMAO:
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    HOW-TO Make Money Selling Leftover Junk from House Flippers

    So house flippers is the term for what my uncle and his buddies have been doing for years. Little did i know! In his case they “flipped” wooden parts of a home that could be refurbished into something else like, say a heavy oak door with nice carvings to be remade into an accent table or...
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    LEGIT 9 Super Easy Ways To Make Money And Earn Rewards (Even If You Don’t Have Any Special Skills)

    I don’t think i have any special skills so when i need extra cash i turn to hocking some of my stuff. Been doing that since i was a college student anyway. So i took a look at this list for super easy ways to make money and lo and behold i actually remember using one of the sites mentioned! It’s...
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    Seated Review: the Reservation App that Rewards You for Dining out! Scam or Legit?

    I tried the seated app a year ago on a lark to impress someone. I found this reservation app just okay at first because i thought it was a bit fussy to be honest. There weren’t many restos to try out when i first signed up on it and i had to link my credit card for cashbacks which was too much...
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    LEGIT How To Earn While The Kids Are In School

    Hey this was me when my kid was still in preschool and it was my task to pick her up right after and take her to the park. My ex-wife was working as a teacher in another district so it was all on me to prepare stuff for my daughter and fetch her when school ended for the day but in between those...
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    LEGIT Five Ways to Become a Paid Audience Member

    I tried this once. become a paid audience member i mean. I did like #1 and #5 on this list which is to stand around a lot and wait to get noticed. Also search for casting calls but i did it not thru a website or anything but thru a network of people i know that work for these shows in the first...