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I have been an Accountant for over 20 years, even though it is one of the top 10 worst paying professions, I love it... If anyone needs any help with anything from information about Human Resource, Accounting, Legal Issues, Help Purchasing a Car with advice regarding to interest ect... Please let me know if I can't help you, I will direct you to a website that can give you advice... I will post my referral link to linkedin, so please reply there... Also, if you need any information regarding how to save money on gift cards, cash back sites, or just simply need help on just about anything I can refer some sites for free to help you find some of the best discounts... You are, also, welcome to contact me via email at [email protected] for any of the tips I have suggested... I only use the email in order not clutter up my messenger with a bunch of garbage, and scams, and I do not post anything that I have not researched...


[email protected]