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    TIPS How to Make Easy Money While You’re Out on Vacation!

    CoSign is pretty good if you like showing off to your friends and social media? (Who doesn’t?) A while ago, I wrote about my work as a online virtual assistant and my sneakerhead client. He was the one who introduced me to CoSign. The dude fancied himself a bit of a sneaker scene influencer...
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    LEGIT You Can Earn Lots of Money From Ghostwriting! - Legit or Scam?

    Ghostwriting for money is awesome and all, but you gotta be extra-good to be able to pull it off. Think about it: you’re basically assuming the other person’s identity through your writing. You need to write as them, not for them. Here are some tips on how to be a good ghostwriter: Be a good...
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    TIPS Five Eco-Friendly Reasons to Work From Home

    Thanks for this, June! This list on eco-friendly reasons to work from home is pretty awesome! When I started my work from home journey, I never really considered the environmental benefit of doing so - i did it because I liked the flexible schedule, numerous earning methods, and the ability to...
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    HOW-TO Work as a Remote Fashion Stylist - Three Companies You Can Apply In

    this is interesting I don't have much fashion skills, but I'm good at finding interesting stuff. Maybe I'll give this a try.
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    HOW-TO Got Hair? Here's How You Can Make Money From It

    I do not have hair (unless you count my neckbeard) anymore, but if I still had long flowing locks i had in hs i would try this. :)
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    LEGIT Why You Should Be Writing Greeting Cards For Cash

    Complaining without reading the original post is the rarest writing skill of them all.
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    LEGIT How to Work as a Virtual Assistant

    One of the pitfalls of working as a virtual online assistant is that people think it’s “easier” than regular assistant jobs. While there are advantages to it over traditional assistant jobs, it’s still a challenging job. And even if there’s a flexible schedule, you need to adapt to the needs...
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    LEGIT Get Paid to Name Businesses! Scam or Legit?

    I used to work in marketing, and one thing we always did was come up with names for stuff. Names for promos, names for products, names for shops. I even had to come up with names for mascots (don’t laugh - trying to come up with a name for a walking bottle of laxatives is hard!). I haven’t...
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    LEGIT Sweatcoin Review: Earn Cash and Rewards by Walking - Legit or Scam?

    Thanks for the Sweatcoin review. Sweatcoins is a great way to encourage us to get off our butts and get moving. This speaks to me especially, because as a nerd, I love to crunch data (I love my Fitbit), but need a little extra push to get motivated. Sweatcoin does both of that. Here are some...
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    Last site that paid you

    Ka-ching! Congrats on the earning hauls, everyone!
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    LEGIT 3 Apps That Will Pay You to Read News, View Ads & Watch Videos - Scam or Legit?

    + 1 for Slidejoy. It's a great way to earn passive income
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    TIPS Got a Cam? Here are Proven Ways to Make Money Using It!

    Etsy is an interesting option if you want to sell stock images for money. The market for photos on Etsy is slightly different from your regular stock photo sites. On stock photos sites like Fotolia, BigStockPhoto, and PhotoStockPlus, the customers are usually corporate, marketing, or advertising...
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    LEGIT Make Money Producing Online Courses: My Experience Using Udemy

    Wow salty much? It's hard for us regular people to build a following because of that popularity contest. I mean, I'm a good teacher, I think. But why do I need to do the social media song and dance?
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    LEGIT Make Money Producing Online Courses: My Experience Using Udemy

    Sweet Udemy review, Holden. Big ups for writing it. Here’s my own quick Udemy review. I think we all know now that Udemy is legit, thanks to all the Udemy reviews out there. So I’ll just be giving you all a quick pros-and-cons list: Pros 1. Udemy’s portfolio of courses covers over 40,000...
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    LEGIT WhatUsersDo Review: Earn by Doing Beta Testing for Websites - Legit or Scam?

    Great write-up, Amos. Beta testing jobs are pretty awesome. I’ve done beta testing, and it was one of the more enjoyable online gigs I’ve done. But I need to emphasize that you need to enjoy this sort of thing. That means having an interest in things like user experience, information...